April 28, 2016

Vapid Lacquer Base Coat and Top Coat Review!!

*Purchased by me*

I've been meaning to write this review for awhile since I am totally in love with my Vapid Lacquer All About That Base and Get Your Shine On! Quick Dry Top Coat. Vapid Lacquer is having a restock this Saturday that includes these two products, so I thought I should post this now! All About That Base is a strengthening base coat that also seems to help prolong my manis. Since I started using the Vapid base coat about 5-6 weeks ago, I have noticed I have fewer peelies on my thumb nails. My thumbs always have peelies because I am a bad nail blogger and use them as tools. But the Vapid base coat is starting to help me get rid of them! I think in a few more weeks, the existing peelies I had will probably grow out and be gone. So I love this base coat just for that. But wait- there's more!!

 When I use the Vapid base coat and the Get Your Shine On! top coat for a mani, my nails still look great 4-5 days later! Above you can see my YSL Peace Green mani after 4 days of wear (including hot showers every day, dish washing, lots of hand washing after touching germy kids at dance class, etc.). There is a bit of tip wear and my right thumb had one small chip. But I have to tell you, most true quick dry top coats and I don't get along. My usual wear time with a QDTC is 1-2 days max. After that it is a hot chippy mess. So for me to get 4-5 days with a real QDTC (dry to the touch in 60 seconds!) is a serious personal victory. I also have to say that this top coat packs SERIOUS shine! The shine also lasts, it doesn't start to look dull on day 3. The Vapid base and top coat get an A+ from me!

Two more awesome Vapid things that will be available this Saturday- Chocolate Body Mousse and Nail Sauce! Chocolate Body Mousse is a delectable body cream that smells like hot chocolate or chocolate pudding. It is really nicely moisturizing, but doesn't feel too heavy or greasy. I am addicted to this now and sometimes I even open the jar just to look at it! I mean, it looks delicious, doesn't it?

Binx wanted to get in on my photo shoot, LOL!

Nail Sauce is a great cuticle product with a gel-creme hybrid consistency. It sinks right in to the nail area and makes my cuticles look so much better instantly. I bought it in two different scents- Unicorn Milk and Birthday Bitch. Unicorn Milk smells like Fruit Loops with a touch of vanilla frosting, while Birthday Bitch smells exactly like German Chocolate Cake, in my opinion. I have been using this product almost daily since purchasing and plan to order at least one more scent this Saturday. I have already nearly used up Unicorn Milk! I love this for cuticle moisturizing that seems enjoyable, rather than a chore.

The Vapid base and top coats have really made a positive difference in my nail health, as well as how often I can wear manis. Now that I can use a QDTC, I find it MUCH easier to just slap on a new mani whenever I want and not have to worry about it chipping a day later. I highly recommend all four of the products in this post.

Restock info: The restock will be at 1pm CT (Central Time) at http://vapid.mybigcommerce.com. For complete details about what will be restocked, please check out the Vapid Lacquer Facebook page.

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