August 26, 2015

OPI Infinite Shine SoftShades Swatches and Review!!

*Sent for review*

The OPI Infinite Shine SoftShades actually came out in the spring, but the press samples seem to have been delayed a bit. These pretty pale shades are very spring-y feeling, but they are going to be very useful shades year round as well! OPI Pearl of Wisdom is a shimmering white. OPI calls it a "mother-of-pearl" shade. The light silvery shimmer in the soft white is very pretty!

This is three coats of Pearl of Wisdom and I did still have some streaks. It definitely helps to let it dry all the way in between coats though. It has some VNL still, but it is a softer shade, so that doesn't bother me. I used one coat of the OPI Infinite Shine Gloss top coat over this and the other five polishes in this post.

OPI Eternally Turquoise is a gorgeous pale sea glass blue-green. It's a nice delicate turquoise and even though it's opaque, it's so shiny it almost feels squishy and jelly-like. 

This is two coats of Eternally Turquoise and it's nicely pigmented. It was very easy to apply and the formula has that nice gel feel.

This pretty silver gray is OPI Go to Grayt Lengths. The shimmer in this is very cool, it's almost like a slightly darker silver shimmer in a light silver polish. It's not a super flashy or reflective shimmer either, more of a grown-up and refined glow. Just as a quick note- I did these swatches over about a 2 week period, so I do apologize for lighting and nail length inconsistencies. I typically do swatches all on the same day, but there are so many collections out right now, I am trying to squeeze more in!

This is two easy coats of Go to Grayt Lengths. It applied like a dream and was perfectly opaque. I know I'll wear this one a lot!

OPI Beyond the Pale Pink is a slightly pink-beige leaning off-white creme. OPI calls it a "scandalously nude, barely there pale pink". It's kind of like you mixed a drop of beige and a drop of pale pink into a white polish. If you like the idea of a white polish, but think it looks too stark, this one is perfect for you, not stark at all!

This was three thin coats. I let each coat dry completely in between layers and it was nice and even! I didn't have trouble with streaks and it was nicely opaque. I was pretty impressed with this one!

OPI Non-Stop White is the true, stark white creme of this collection. It's a very bold white creme. If you compare it to Beyond the Pale Pink, you can really see how much brighter of a white this is, perfect for summer!

The fantastic news about Non-Stop White is that this could be a one coater if you are super careful! I managed to do one coat on my pointer finger and it's even and opaque! I must have gotten overexcited though, because the other nails needed two coats. If you have great application skills though, this possibly is the one coat white you've been searching for. Great formula!

OPI The Beige of Reason is a sheer light beige. It adds a nice shine and healthy glow to nails. I'm never a fan of sheers, but if I had to pick one to wear tomorrow, it'd be this one.

This is two easy easy coats of The Beige of Reason. It was nice and even, with no streaks in sight. I am impressed, as I typically find sheers to be a pain to work with.

*Sent for review*

If you're looking for some nice soft, cozy shades, definitely check out this collection. Non-Stop White is my new favorite white creme for sure, and I also really love Eternally Turquoise and Go to Grayt Lengths!

The OPI Infinite Shine SoftShades collection is available now at professional salons,, and

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