August 23, 2015

Zoya Flair Collection for Fall 2015 Swatches & Review!

*Sent for review*

One of my favorite collections of the whole year is always the shimmery metallic Zoya fall collection. This year definitely lives up to my expectations of rich jewel-toned fall colors! Zoya Estelle is a deep shimmering cobalt. It's not as dark as a navy, but definitely has that blackened feel. The shimmer in this is so glowy and beautiful!

This is two flawless coats. Estelle was very pigmented and easy to apply. It had a great consistency- not too thin, just perfect.

The aptly named Zoya Ember is a glowing red orange shimmer. This is just the perfect red for fall. It looks warm-toned and fiery to me, although Zoya says it has some blue undertones to make it more wearable for all skin tones. I think it definitely will be nicely flattering on most people!

This is three thin coats. It was pretty good to apply, maybe a tad thinner than Estelle, but still good. You definitely could do two coats, but you know I'm a thin coat kinda girl!

Zoya Cinnamon is a shimmering hot chocolate metallic. This shade was originally designed for Zang Toi at New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter '15. This is a great bronzed chocolate brown and the base looks like it has some golden shimmer. All of the Flair polishes really have that glowing look to them that I love so much. They're deep and a bit moody, but still have that pop.

This is two coats of Cinnamon. It applied very well and has a good consistency. I see some brushstrokes on my middle nail in these pictures, but I really didn't notice them in person. I love this one way more than I thought I would, based on the promo pics!

This stunning metallic purple with hints of pink shimmer is Zoya Giada. I love a good metallic purple and this one is a great choice for sure. It looks more vibrant than some other metallic purples I own. Sometimes they can look a little flat, but I think the hint of fuchsia shimmer helps Giada stay glowy.

This is three thin coats. The formula is thin and wanted to pool in my cuticles, so I made sure to really wipe the brush off well before applying.

I know everyone thought Zoya Aggie would be a Chanel Peridot/OPI Just Spotted the Lizard dupe, but I don't think so. It looks a lot more burnished gold, almost coppery to me. I will definitely compare them side by side for you, but I think Aggie is warmer and richer looking, and less green. Zoya describes this as "a gold holo-flip, liquid metal with bronze micro glitter" so the gold plus bronze glitter is creating that warm burnished look.

This is three slightly thicker coats of Aggie. It was pretty sheer on the first coat, but Zoya said it was "Sheer enough for layering with one coat or fully opaque in three coats!", so that makes sense. I imagine this would look awesome layered over black! I will try that sometime soon. It was pretty easy to apply and had a good consistency.

Zoya Tris is a surprise in this collection for me. I thought it wouldn't be that unique, but it definitely is! Tris is a charcoal grey metallic that leans towards a smoky green at times. Zoya calls it a "blackened, brushed nickel liquid metal". I really love this one and I think it's perfect for fall and winter too!

This is three thin coats. The formula was nice and easy to apply, no problems at all.

*Sent for review*

I love this collection so much, it's everything I want in a fall collection. I can't even pick a favorite for you, maybe Tris or Cinnamon?! The Flair collection is available now on

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