August 28, 2015

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 8!

 *Sent for review*

Sorry for the super late post, but this car buying thing is killing me. I put a deposit on a car and somehow they accidentally sold it to someone else! Yikes! But, I do have really pretty sparkly polishes for you today and I am so excited that Lynnderella is starting to release fall goodies! Lynnderella ...And If You September is a super limited edition that is part of a set of three fall-themed polishes. This is a stunning greenish-tinged gold holo microglitter with fall colored larger accent glitters. There are rusty orange, green, yellow, gold, and blue glitter accents.

This is two easy coats of ...And If You September. It had good coverage and was pretty easy to work with. This will be available by itself on Monday on

Lynnderella Oh! SnapDragon Fly is a new limited edition with aqua/teal holo microglitter and pretty blue, teal, purple and pink larger glitter accents. There are blue triangles, pink and purple circles and more. This is such a gorgeous summer hue, it's like shimmering tropical waters. 

This is two coats of Oh! SnapDragon Fly. With all of the larger glitter accents, I found it easiest to apply one coat of mostly the microglitter, and then add the larger accents in the second coat.

Below, you can see how I wore Oh! SnapDragon Fly as a full mani over Essie In the Cab-ana. I love it this way too! This is just one coat of the Lynnderella over two coats of the Essie.

The latest in the Zodiac Lovers series, Lynnderella Almost as Perfect as You, Virgo is a really beautiful pale pink microglitter. It's a really fine microglitter, so it looks nice and smooth. It has holo microglitter in it and a lovely rosy color.

This is two coats. This was so perfectly easy to apply. The ultra fine microglitter is so smooth and covers very easily. This could almost be a one coater.

Lynnderella With Love from Your Virgo Fairy Godmother came along with Almost as Perfect as You, Virgo. It's a slightly more purple-toned pink and the microglitter is more of the normal-sized mircoglitter. It also has slightly larger holo accents. This sparkles so beautifully!

This is two coats again. It seems to me that Lynnderella is getting to be a pro at microglitters. They are getting easier and easier to apply!

*Sent for review*

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