August 5, 2015

ILNP Walking Home

*Purchased by me*

Gahhhh!! Look at that holographic beauty!! ILNP Walking Home is one of ILNP's newer "Ultra Holo" polishes and it definitely is supremely holo in the sun. Walking Home is a lovely jewel-toned grape juice purple, with hints of blue. It is intensely holographic in direct sunlight, but you can still see the holo indoors in all but very dim lighting. 

This is just two coats of Walking Home. It was so easy to apply, I didn't even do clean-up for these swatches. This is from the ILNP summer 2015 Ultra Holo collection. I was going to wait until fall to wear it, as I tend to like brights and neons in the summer, but I think I'm too in love to wait! Plus, it looks so amazing in the sunlight, I think I need to wear it on a really sunny day!

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