August 27, 2012

My Kind of Party: Lynnderella A Neutral Party

I have to hand it to Lynnderella. If anyone can get me excited about wearing a neutral, it's her. Lynnderella A Neutral Party is chock full of glitters in all of the neutral shades you can think of, like a neutral glitter bomb went off. The base of this polish is clear, but is packed with very fine gold shimmer. I spotted copper square glitter, gold square glitter, large copper and black hex glitter, small silver hex glitter, black bar glitter, and some small glitter pieces in gold and black. This is just a small sampling of the various neutral glitters in A Neutral Party.

For this first look, I dabbed two layers of A Neutral Party over two coats of OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons (my new favorite nude!). I did find that A Neutral Party is one of those glitters that applies best with the dabbing method, as opposed to regular long brush strokes to apply. As you can see, I had no trouble getting tons of glitter on my nails by dabbing the brush on them though!

For a more similar base color, I tried dabbing two layers of A Neutral Party over Nicole by OPI For Gold Times Sake. I loved this look too! This might be a really good way to wear secret glitter to the office. If I held my hand far away, the glitter blended in to the base color. My mom loved this one a lot and she doesn't really wear glitter at all, so that's saying something!!

I'm pretty excited to have a neutral glitter in my collection! I think it'll come in handy for those occasions when I'm dying to wear glitter, but maybe I don't want a bright color or anything too flashy. I always want to wear glitter, so having this option makes me happy.

Lynnderella polishes are available on her eBay store! If you're wondering how easy it is to obtain Lynnderellas these days, it's definitely gotten easier. Sets of her Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice are staying up for several hours, allowing a more leisurely eBay checkout. She's also been offering "You Pick 3" or "You Pick 6" sets, where you get to pick 3 or 6 polishes out of a bunch listed. If you're not looking for a whole collection, this might help you!

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