August 20, 2012

New Summer Favorite: Essie Mojito Madness

We're approaching that time of year when I start to desperately hold onto summer as it slips out of my fingers. Don't get me wrong, I really love fall. But there's something about summer that is relaxing, even if you don't actually get any time off from work. One way I like to try to keep that summer feeling is by still rocking my summer polish colors, like Essie Mojito Madness. Essie Mojito Madness has been a staple of mine this summer. It looks excellent on toes and I have it on my nails right now!

I did three coats for these pictures. It was pretty much opaque at two, but I felt it just needed some general smoothing out and evening. The formula is maybe a little thick, but nothing too bad or hard to work with.

This color makes me super happy!! Essie doesn't make a lot of greens, but they really knock them out of the park when they do!

Essie Mojito Madness is available now at a CVS near you, or online at

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Peace, Love and Polish said...

Ugh, I have been lemming this alll summer long! I just love it!

Never Enough Nails said...

You should definitely give in to that lemming! It's really really pretty! And different!

Sasha said...

I originally passed on this one, but I think I may need to get it after all! It is a gorgeous green!

Never Enough Nails said...

Sasha- it is one of the best greens I've tried in ages!! And it's really different from other greens I own!