March 14, 2010

Reader Question: Does a Matte Top Coat Help Prevent Chips with Matte Shimmers?

After seeing my post about MAC Studded, a gray/silver matte shimmer polish, reader Skulda wanted to know if a good quality matte top coat would help prevent a matte shimmer polish from chipping. So I did a quick test to find out the answer to her question!

I used KnockOut Cosmetics Flatte Top for my matte top coat. I have found this to be an excellent matte top coat. When applied over non-matte and glitter polish, this top coat is chip-free for days!

left to right: 3 coats Studded plus 1 coat Flatte Top; 3 coats Studded; 3 coast Studded plus 1 coat Flatte Top; 3 thick coats Studded

As we know, the polish companies do not recommend using a top or base coat with any of the matte or matte shimmer polishes. In my wear test of MAC Studded, the nails with the KnockOut Flatte Top top coat actually chipped worse than the nails without. As you can see, my middle nail (Studded alone) only has tip wear, no chips. My pinkie (Studded alone) has a chip, but I accidentally applied the polish very thickly on that nail, so I would say that caused the chip more than anything else. I also had Studded alone, with no top coat, on my right hand and the nails only had tip wear. The only nails that chipped were the ones with top coat (and the aforementioned pinkie nail). The pictures are both with flash, as the weather here in CT is charming yet again.

left to right: 3 coats Studded plus 1 coat Flatte Top; 3 coats Studded; 3 coast Studded plus 1 coat Flatte Top; 3 thick coats Studded

In the pictures, I had been wearing MAC Studded for two days. In my experience of mattes and shimmer mattes, this is pretty standard wear for that amount of time. I do have very oily nails though, if you do not have oily nails, mattes might last longer on you. The polish was absolutely perfect for the whole first day and a half. It started to look like this after I took my second shower while wearing it. I think showers really wreck matte and matte shimmer polishes. Maybe it's just because I take really long showers LOL.

So, to sum up my test, sorry Skulda! I don't think a good quality matte top coat will help prevent chips while wearing a matte shimmer polish! On the bright side, chips are very quick to fix with this polish, and you can't see the seams like you can with non-matte polishes.

MAC Studded is available online at MAC. KnockOut Cosmetics Flatte Top is available online at KnockOut Cosmetics.

OMG, while we're on the subject of KO Cosmetics, check out their new polish "Match" a matte hot pink! I want it sooooooo much!!!!!


Skulda said...

Booooo!! :P Thats awesome that you tried!

Never Enough Nails said...

After you asked I was kinda curious myself. It sounded like a good theory! Oh well!

Paige said...

Great test, thanks for doing it!

Never Enough Nails said...

You're welcome! It's good to know these things!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info! I actually thought it was a really good idea when I heard it. Too bad it didn't pan out!

I still need to get back to the mall to pick up Studded - too cool!

Never Enough Nails said...

I thought it was too, Teresa. But I still love Studded! Like I said, if you get chips you can just fix them because the polish dries so fast. You can't even see the seams of where there were chips, so no big deal!