March 5, 2010

Hellllooooo HOLO, where have you been all my life?????

Color Club Wild at Heart, three coats, with flash

Here's another one I left sitting on my dresser for a month because it didn't look that exciting in the bottle. Color Club Wild at Heart.

Color Club Wild at Heart, three coats, no flash

Baby, I will never let you sit unused again.

Dark purple HOLO HOTNESS. That's my review of this polish.

No, seriously, this is three coats (easily could have been two, I just think the third looks better on camera). This is a very true purple, in real life it doesn't look too blue or red. Just deep purple. My pictures make it look much more blue than it is. I tried taking these pictures in all different lights with two different cameras, but there were no color accurate pics to be had this time. I think the holo-ness was confusing the camera. This is a really gorgeous polish, I don't own anything close to it. The holo effect is like that in OPI My Private Jet or maybe Nubar Reclaim, it's actual holo polish, not holo glitter in polish.

I have loads more pictures of this beauty, but Blogger is not cooperating right now. I'll try to add them tomorrow or later tonight.

Color Club Wild at Heart is available online at 8ty8 Beauty and at your local Beauty Plus Salon.


Skulda said...

I love vibrant colours that have holo!

Öykü said...

Mine doesn't look holo on me, so dissapointed :(

Paige said...

Wow, that looks gorgeous!

Never Enough Nails said...

Me too Skulda, I wish there were more out there! Do you know of any good bright red holos?

Oyku- that's weird!!! Maybe you got a bad bottle!?

gildedangel- It is beautiful! Very different from any other purple holo I own/have seen, as the color is so deep and rich!

Unknown said...

OOOOOOOOoooooooo holos!!!! They really hold a special place in my heart. :) Dark purple looks better on me than lavender, but the China Glaze OMG collection dark purple holo (LOL) is nowhere near as holographic as lavender is (IDK I think). Wild at Heart may be my fix! :) Thanks for showing it to us!!! :)

Never Enough Nails said...

We love holos too, and this one is probably one of my favorites!! It's definitely nice and holo, so it may be what you're looking for!

Unknown said...

i love this holo !!

Never Enough Nails said...

Lily Nail- me too! I just put it on my toes!!