March 14, 2010

Polish of the Week: OPI Green-wich Village, plus First Konad!!

OPI Green-wich Village, three coats, with flash

This is a really quick post. As it's almost next week, I thought I'd finally give you the Polish of the Week- OPI Green-wich Village! I love this color, it's a medium green jelly. The jelly finish is great, although it causes a little visible nail line even with three coats. Love this color by itself!!!

Konad Starter Kit from OC Nail Art

Got my Konad starter kit yesterday and messed around with it tonight. I was watching a movie while doing this, so it's pretty rough. I couldn't resist checking out all the stamps on the starter kit plate, plus one stamp on the m45 plate I ordered. My m57 plate is backordered, boooooooo! So here's my horrible, off-center attempts at my first Konad!!!

OPI Green-wich Village, three coats, plus stamps with Konad Special Polish, with flash

OPI Green-wich Village, three coats, plus stamps with Konad Special Polish, with flash

The Konad Starter Kit and plates are available online at OC Nail Art.


sarahloo said...

yay, I love konad!!

Niki* said...

Hey I think you did pretty great! You should have seen my first Konad - FAIL

Susie said...

Hey you did well for your first try.
I'll be following so I can see more Konading from you.

Paige said...

Super cute!!!

Never Enough Nails said...

sarahloo- I'm loving it too! I don't know why it took me so long to order this!

Niki- LOL thanks! I thought it was going to be a big fail, but it wasn't too bad! Just that little bear-cat thing on my third nail, I was aiming for the center... and it's WAY not in the center LOL.

susies1955- Thanks! I am going to be Konading allll the time, I can already tell!!

gildedangel- Thanks! I'm really liking how the green and white look together!