March 26, 2010

Polish of the Week: China Glaze Wagon Trail

China Glaze Wagon Trail, two coats, with flash

For the last March Polish of the Week, I picked a green that is a little bit not a green LOL. China Glaze Wagon Trail is a really really dark green, pretty much black, with gold shimmer. This polish looks black in most low lights, but in brighter lights and sunlight, you can really see the deep olive green with loads of gold shimmer.

China Glaze Wagon Trail, two coats, no flash

Wagon Trail is a definite must for any green or dark polish lover. I think it's an edgy, rocker-ish way to wear green polish. Wagon Trail is a part of the Rodeo Diva collection and was released in Fall 2008.

China Glaze Wagon Trail is available online at 8ty8 Beauty.

Just a few blog notes- I did say that the review of the Zoya Color Lock System would happen this week. However, when I review that, I'd like to have at least 5 days to test the wear of the system. Right now I'm trying to get some posts together for while EK and I are in Scotland next week. So I definitely do not have 5 days to be wearing the same polish LOL. I apologize for this, and I will get the review up as soon as I have 5 days in a row to wear the same polish!

Also, I think I will have to end the Zoya Reverie Giveaway on SUNDAY night instead of Monday night. I have so much to do before we leave, and I need to get the giveaway wrapped up and the prize shipped out by Tuesday. I don't think I'll have time on Monday night to get all the entries together and draw a winner. SO,

remember to enter the Zoya Reverie Collection Giveaway before SUNDAY NIGHT AT 10!!!

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