March 19, 2010

OPI Alice in Wonderland

OPI Alice in Wonderland mini set

I'm a little late with this collection, but frankly, this is because I was not planning on purchasing the whole collection. I bought Absolutely Alice immediately, it was a serious must-have. EK had purchased Mad as a Hatter as well, so I thought I was fine with that.

Comparison of full-size bottle and mini-size bottle

But then the lemmings kicked in. Mad as a Hatter was sold out on all of my usual websites and at my local Beauty Plus Salon! Gasp! Sold out!!!! This means I need it! LOL. My options were to buy a full-size bottle of Mad as a Hatter on Amazon or Ebay for ridiculous prices, like $30.00, OR, locate a mini set and get all four polishes from the collection for a comparatively low price. I chose the mini set option, because I wanted Mad as a Hatter, but I really didn't want to pay outrageous prices.

OPI Off With Her Red, two coats, no flash

Off With Her Red is the most boring polish in the set. It's an orange-y red creme, maybe a little on the jelly side. I did two coats of this, it really could have used three. There was visible nail line with two coats. The formula on this was fine and I think it'll look pretty on toes, it's just an average color though.

OPI Thanks So Muchness!, two coats, no flash

Thanks So Muchness! is a bit more exciting than Off With Her Red. It's a cool-toned, pinky red with shimmer. When you are applying Thanks So Muchness!, you can see little bits of sparkle, almost like little flakies. This made me think- how much better would this collection have been if Thanks So Muchness! was a red flakie polish (ala Shim-merry Chic and Merry Midnight from the Holiday collection)!?!!!? I would have bought two full-sized bottles. Sadly, this is just another red shimmer polish. It's a perfectly fine red shimmer polish, though, if that's what you're looking for.

OPI Absolutely Alice, three coats, with flash

I already raved about Absolutely Alice, read my love story here. I just wanted to include a picture for continuity.

OPI Mad as a Hatter, three coats, no flash

Finally, my lemming, Mad as a Hatter. OPI describes this as a "black multi" glitter, but I don't see much black. I see a lot of silver, purple, green, gold, etc. There is a reason this polish sold out. It's mesmerizing!! I have been staring at it every few seconds since putting it on yesterday morning. I love the colors, I love the texture, everything! This is three coats, and since it's glitter, it dries really quickly. You can see my tips more in the photos than you can in real life, by the way. I probably could have used a fourth coat, I just ran out of time. If you didn't already get this one, try to track one down, even a mini size. It's just gorgeous!

OPI Mad as a Hatter, three coats, with flash

OPI Mad as a Hatter, three coats, with flash


Jenn @ So Very Fabulous said...

The mini bottles are so cute! I can't believe MaaH is going for that much on eBay already! I didn't pick up any of this collection because glitters are such a pain to remove but they are really pretty. Enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mas As Hatter gorgeous???I would prefer it if it had more black in it that silver though, but still I love it!

Never Enough Nails said...

So Very Fabulous- Have you tried Zoya's Remove+ for removing glitters? It does a fantastic job and makes it so easy! I'll have a full review of Remove+ sometime next week.

Katie- It is gorgeous! I was a little disappointed because whole chunks of it came off in the shower, but I did do three thick coats because I didn't have the patience for thin coats. So I guess that's my fault.
And I agree, I wish it were more black multi than it actually is.

Paige said...

This is such a beautiful collection!

Tiana said...

My favourite is Absolutely Alice!<3 Mad as a Hatter is a real peace of art, right? Well, in my country those OPI polishes are quite hard to get, overall they are way expensive therefor I have a little request *blush* If you ever get bored or you suddenly don't like one of the Absolutely Alices, I'd be more than happy to have it!! Please, contact me if you're interested!

xoxo <3

Never Enough Nails said...

I wish OPI would do more collections like this gildedangel!!

Tiana- Absolutely Alice is EK's and my favorite as well!!! I actually ordered EK another bottle just the other day, it was only $6.50. I could buy you one (or two) and ship it to you if you'd like! Email me and we'll talk about it!