March 4, 2010

Polish of the Week: Orly Enchanted Forest

Orly Enchanted Forest, three coats, no flash

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, all polishes of the week for the month of March will be GREEN!!!! I do not foresee any of you readers having a problem with that LOL.

Just as a side note- if you notice that posting around here is a bit quiet, that's because EK and I are preparing for the Irish Dancing World Championships, which take place in about 4 weeks in Glasgow, Scotland. We also have performances all over the state of Connecticut for the St. Patrick's Day season. So regular posting will resume after the month of March is over!

Orly Enchanted Forest, three coats, no flash

Now, on to the polish of the week, Orly Enchanted Forest. Enchanted Forest is from the Once Upon a Time collection, released in Fall 2009. This polish sat on my dresser for about a month because, quite frankly, it didn't look all that exciting in the bottle. Boy, WAS I WRONG!!!! Yow! Look at that lush dark green goodness!!!

Orly Enchanted Forest, three coats, flash

Now we all know I'm not a big fan of cremes, but I love when a creme is this good. It's not thick or goopy, but it's not thin and streaky either. Enchanted Forest is the perfect kind of creme, applying smoothly and evenly in two coats (I only did three for the camera). Enchanted Forest is perfect for you if you've been looking for a dark green creme that never looks black. It's like a super glossy forest right there on your nails.

Orly polishes also have those fantastic rubberized caps. No more breaking your hand trying to open the nail polish bottle. Drying time was great in comparison to many other cremes. The formula overall was top-notch. I know Enchanted Forest has been out for awhile, but if you don't own it already and you call yourself a green polish fan, BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!

Orly Enchanted Forest is available online at Transdesign. I purchased my bottle of Enchanted Forest on sale at Sally Beauty Supply, so check your local store for availability.


Paige said...

That is a beautiful green!

Skulda said...

This is beautiful. Great Forest Green.

Never Enough Nails said...

It certainly is ladies!! And it was a dream to apply! A+ polish in my book!

Öykü said...

I love, love, love this polish!

Jamie (the amazing) said...


Never Enough Nails said...

Oyku- I have it on right now and keep staring at it!! It's gorgeous!

Thanks Himes!!! You'll be coming with us next year boo boo!

Unknown said...

So pretty! I actually won this polish in a giveaway - it might just have to be my St. Patrick's day mani. :)

Good luck!!!! (and I'm gonna keep bugging you about pics! ;))

Never Enough Nails said...

OOOh lucky you Teresa! I never win anything LOL!

And thanks!! We'll definitely take some good pictures at the Worlds!