March 24, 2010

My Best Konad Yet!!!

Zoya Jo plus Konad Special Polish, with flash

My m57 plate finally came!!!!! First of all, this plate is totally me. It has zebra print, leopard print, a fishnet-like print, and lace with leopard print! Just perfect for my animal print-lovin' self.

Now, when I say that this is my "best Konad yet", that is a relative phrase LOL. So, this is still not great, but I'm definitely getting better. Shown is the same two coats of Zoya Jo from this post and the Konad special polish for the image.

My only problem with this is the smudging of the white polish. I hear that is a problem with the Konad special polishes, so next time I think I will try stamping with a different polish.

Zoya Jo plus Konad Special Polish, no flash

I do think this is a great look for spring!! The cornflower blue with white zebra=LOVE! I can see myself wearing this several more times this season. I like the m57 plate so much. You can expect to see lots more looks from that plate in the coming weeks.

Zoya Jo is available online at Art of Beauty. The Konad m57 plate and other Konad accessories are available online at OC Nail Art.

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Andreea said...

fabulous :*

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Andreea! I'll get good at Konad someday LOL!

Unknown said...

Nice blue!

Susie said...

I 'so' love your konading.
The smudging come from the top coat you use and how it is applied. You have to have a lot on your brush ( I only use Konad Top Coat) and you have to almost hover over your nail without touching it and don't go over the same spot twice.

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Jackie, it's great for spring!

Thanks for the tip Susie! I thought I was very careful with the top coat, but I guess that needs practice as well!

Tiana said...

ZOYA, ZOYA!!! I love this color! I gotta have this one<3

Like the zebra print also ;)