January 29, 2016

Lynnderella Friday Vol. 29!!

*Sent for review*

Happy Friday! It seemed like a fast week to me and I can't believe January is almost over already. January is my least favorite month, but it really flew by this year for a change. For this last Friday of my least favorite month, I have some Lynnderellas that breathe some spring air into this post! Lynnderella Amusemint is a cool shimmering whitened mint. It is described as a "pearly mint creme with mint and pink shimmers". The pink shimmers stand out more in person and in the sunshine and they really like pretty in the pale frosty mint! 

This is three coats of Amusemint by itself. It was a little sheer on the first coat, but was easy to build up to full opacity. It applied well and has a nice consistency.

Ooooof, oh man I love this combo! My heart just sighs a little when I look at this! Lynnderella Lovely SentiMint is a glitter topper with mint, white and pale lilac-pink glitters, including hearts, stars and my favorite circle glitters!  The base is a sheer mint with tiny pink holo glitter and pink shimmer.

I used two coats of Lovely SentiMint over Amusemint for this mani. I think these two are just perfect together!! One coat of Lovely SentiMint was good, but I wanted more minty hearts, so I went back for more. It was easy to apply with the dabbing method.

Introducing my new favorite polish- Lynnderella Sea the Love! This is so so beautiful and has such great depth to it. I know we have seen teal and green glitters together before, but the color combinations and specific glitters Lynn used here just make for such a complex, stunning polish. Sea the Love is described as "multiglitter valentine for mermaids and mermen of all ages. It features cyan holographic hearts and flowers, diatoms, a few renegade pointy starfish and green bubbles. Clear aqua- and cyan-shimmered base.". Drool.

This is one easy coat of Sea the Love over OPI Fly. Application was fantastic, even with all of the bigger glitters.

*Sent for review*

I love all three of these so much... I guess I really am a big sucker for greens and blues! 

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