January 13, 2016

Octopus Party Crypsis

*Purchased by me*

Hi everyone! We made it through Wednesday and the weekend is seeming closer, right? Today I have a really spectacular polish for you- my very first Octopus Party lacquer! This holographic lavender-gray beauty is Octopus Party Crypsis. Crypsis is a group custom for the Octopus Party fan group on Facebook, called The Octosquad! It's a stunning linear holo that also has a duochrome purple to green/blue shift. I can't decide what color this polish really is, it shifts between purple, lavender, gray, icy blue, etc. In sunshine, you get to see the gorgeous holo rainbow, and in lower lighting, the duochrome really stands out! So it looks fantastic no matter what lighting you're in!

This is three thin coats of Crypsis, although it was pretty pigmented, so you could probably do two. It was effortless to apply and I did not need to do any clean-up. Lovely!

Now I have to share this- I got a new Patagonia jacket for Christmas and it's a purple to green/blue duochrome fabric!!! It goes with Crypsis so well it's crazy! I am mad though because my camera really didn't want to capture the shift in either the polish or the jacket.

If you want to get this stunner, you must proceed to the Octosquad on Facebook. It is a group custom, so sales of this polish happen only in that group, but it is fairly easy to join. Also check out the Octopus Party Etsy Store, it currently has a few goodies in there!

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