January 6, 2016

Vapid Lacquer Dark Twisted Fantasies

*Purchased by me*

Man, this first week back after the holidays is rough. I am just slogging my way through in a tired fog haha! I am trying to wear some pretty manis to help me perk up, so I went with Vapid Lacquer Dark Twisted Fantasies today. Dark Twisted Fantasies is a really deep dark plum holo. It has some brown tones to it, so it looks like a chocolate-y plum to me. It's very rich looking and super gorgeous! The holo flame is nice and strong, I could even see it indoors, although not in the lowest of lighting conditions.

This is two coats and it was very easy to apply. I really like the consistency of all of the Vapids I have tried so far. They're almost the gel-like consistency, so they really go where you want them too and never flood the cuticle area. I am fast becoming a huge Vapid fan!!!

Vapid's store is closed for a short vacation right now, but she did say there would be a restock sometime in January. I will definitely keep you updated about when that will be! The store is http://vapid.mybigcommerce.com, so you can bookmark that link now. For more Vapid info and pictures, check out www.facebook.com/vapidlacquer.

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