December 11, 2015

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 23!! More Advents!

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I love this part of December, when it just feels like everything is getting ready for Christmas. Everyone is decorating, baking, hosting parties, etc. It's the best time of the year! I think Lynnderella adds to my excitement with the Advent polishes and I'm happy to have some more to show you today. Lynnderella 12-13-15 The Empress's New Clothes is a fuchsia microglitter with metallic fuchsia accents in a violet base. This is such a pretty shade of pinky-purple and it's super sparkly!

This is two super effortless coats. This is probably one of the easiest applying microglitters I have ever used. It was very opaque, but not thick or chunky at all. Just a great consistency and nice formula.

Lynnderella 12-15-15 The Prince and the Purple has a really pretty blue-purple, almost bordering on deep periwinkle, base with tons of aqua and pink shimmer. It also has teal and holographic micro glitters and some scattered iridescent flakes. The aqua shimmer really stands out nicely and makes for a unique looking purple.

This is three thin coats of The Prince and the Purple. Two thicker coats would probably be fine. It nice to work with and had a good formula.

Next I have a very special duo that was custom made for a new Facebook group called Nail Polish Vamps. It's a really fun group for lovers of vampy polish. Here's the group description- "Are you in love with with deep dark vampy polish? Does a dark red, or mysterious deep purple touch your heart? Do you lust after classic, vintage and iconic ? Are you Vibrant, Authentic, Meaningful, and Positive...Join our nest for swap weekends, weekly topics, and sharing of polish and beauty in the world". The group plans on having more customs made from other indie makers in the future and it's a great bunch of ladies. To join, you must be nominated by an existing member, so shoot me an email if you'd like to join! Right now, this beautiful duo is exclusive to the group! Lynnderella Vampy Velvet is a deep aubergine shimmer. The shimmer is iridescent and you can see sparkles of blue and pink. It really looks like velvet in person!

This is two coats of Vampy Velvet. It is nicely opaque and easy to apply.

The second polish in the Nail Polish Vamps duo is the lovely Lynnderella Vampearl. Vampearl is an ethereal white iridescent microglitter and shimmer. Lynn describes it as "delicate microglitter-shimmer hybrid. Silver holographic microglitter with plentiful white, lilac and pink shimmer accents". The inspiration for this polish came from old Hollywood women wearing pearls, and you can definitely see a pearl-like look here!

This is two coats of Vampearl alone. It was very opaque and has a nice smooth finish, so it's very glossy to the touch with one layer of top coat. It was very easy to apply!

And one last Advent polish for you today! Lynnderella 12-10-15 Roses Painted Red is a bright cherry red with pink shimmer, as well as red and holo silver microglitter.  This is such a pretty red shimmer, it's perfect for red and pink lovers!

This is two coats of Roses Painted Red. Nice and opaque! I love that Lynnderella is doing lots of polish that are easily opaque on their own. I love a good glitter topper layered over something, but sometimes I'm lazy and I just want to slap two coats of something on fast!

*Sent for review*

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