December 18, 2015

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 24!

*Purchased by me*

One week from today is Christmas Day! Can you believe it's so soon? I can't! I finally got all of my decorations up though, so at least I am ready now. On this Lynnderella Friday one week before the big day, I have 2 more Advents, plus a beautiful LE that you can win in my Lynnderella giveaway!!! Lynnderella Where's Grinchie? is a striking bright green holo microglitter in a green shimmered base. It has red and green glitter accents, including pretty red hearts. I have a heart on my ring finger, but I accidentally buried it with more green glitter and couldn't uncover it! I love the way the bright green glitter stands out in the green base. This is a really perfect Christmas glitter!

This is two coats of Where's Grinchie?. It is nicely opaque and totally full coverage on it's own. It is a tad thicker than some microglitters, but I did not find it to be hard to apply. I used two coats of Essie Gel Setter on top for a really smooth finish.

*Sent for review*

Lynnderella 12-18-15 Tales of 1001 Nights is a shimmery blue-violet with lots of holo glitter, iridescent microflakes and teeny silver holo stars. This is really unique and beautiful, the flakes are even prettier in person. They catch the light a lot and reflect tons of different colors. 

This is three thin coats of Tales of 1001 Nights. It was very easy to apply and nicely opaque on it's own. You could most likely do two coats for full coverage. I used one coat of Essie Gel Setter and it was very smooth to the touch.

*Sent for review*

OK this one might possibly be my favorite Advent of the year! Lynnderella 12-21-15 MagenTiara is at the most beautiful magenta microglitter in the world. It has magenta and pink holographic microglitter in a shimmery pink-violet base. You all know that pink is not usually my favorite polish color, but how can you not LOVE this one??

This is two smooth, effortless coats. That's the other thing that sold me, the application of this one is like butter. Melting butter, really! I did zero clean up and one layer of Essie Gel Setter. It's glassy magenta perfection.

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