December 4, 2015

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 22! Advents!

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Happy first Friday in December! I am listening to Christmas tunes and I'm going to start decorating this weekend. The weather is still pretty warm here though, so it seems weird that Christmas is in 3 weeks! On this Lynnderella Friday, I have some of the 2015 Advent polishes for you!! The Advent series is probably one of my favorite things that Lynn does. She releases a dated polish for each day in December leading up to Christmas. Let's start with today- Lynnderella 12/4/15 Chimney Corner. Chimney Corner has a translucent warm gray base with a purply-mauve tiny filled with lots of holographic glitter and shimmer. The shimmer is pink and it's a nice look with the warm gray polish.

This is two coats of Chimney Corner. Although the gray base is described as translucent, I found it to be quite opaque. It was very easy to apply and nice and smooth!

The theme of this year's Advents seems to be fairytales and Lynnderella 12/5/15 If the Shoe Fits is probably the most perfect fairytale polish I have ever seen. Even the name is ultimate fairytale material! I don't even really like pink polish and I am swooning over this one. If the Shoe Fits has pink, blue and purple holo glitters, small purple glitter and tons of iridescent shimmer. It has the most adorable pink, blue and purple mini hearts, as well as my favorite circle glitter.

This is one coat of If the Shoe Fits over OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender. It was pretty easy to apply, I did move some of the hearts so that they were better positioned. I also tried this on it's own and you can wear it alone in three coats, but I like it layered a bit better. I think it really brings out the shimmer.

Lynnderella Unicorn Candy is the lone non-Advent I have for you today, but it is a fun one! Unicorn Candy is a thermal polish! Lynnderella says this is a "multiglitter that contains assorted neon and bright glitter accented with white and pink-lilac holographic microglitter in a blue-shimmered translucent pink thermochromatic base that shifts to clear when warm". The base goes from a hot pink (see above) to clear (one picture down). This has my favorite circle glitter again in lots of fun party colors, as well as large hot pink stars, large yellow hearts, small yellow stars, and yellow lightening bolts.

Below you can see the polish when it's warm. I had to use water to make it change because it was cold out the day I took these pictures. If I tried to wipe the water off, it would change back, so sorry for the water!

This was easy to apply with the dabbing method. Since there are a lot of larger glitters, it is best to dab it on and push it around with the brush to separate any glitters that get stuck together. This is two (really more like one and a half) dabbed coats over OPI Alpine Snow.

OMG you know the Harry Potter lover in me is freaking out right now!! Harry + Lynnderella= best thing ever!! Lynnderella 12/8/15 The Sorcerer's Stone has gorgeous holo silver microflakes with all different colored jewel-toned flakes. It has a lot of pink and blue shimmer in a clear base. This polish is very unique and just what I like to wear during the holidays. So gorgeous!!

This is three thin coats of The Sorcerer's Stone by itself. I was happy with the coverage and I love how it looks alone, but I bet it would also look amazing layered. It was easy to apply. The flakes are pretty small, so they all lay nice and flat. It was smooth to the touch with one layer of Essie Gel Setter.

*Sent for review*

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