December 27, 2015

Formula X Alchemy II!!

*Purchased by me*

Maybe you are in search of a gorgeous metallic polish to wear on New Year's Eve... Or maybe you got some Sephora gift cards for Christmas... Either way, you need Formula X Alchemy II! I wear the original Alchemy all the time. I leave it out on my dining table year round and just slap on a coat when I have an event to go to and lack the time to really do a mani. So I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new version. The new version is a little darker and more coppery, with hints of rose. It has the same super reflective, smooth metallic finish as the original. I love having two versions of this polish and they are definitely different enough to warrant owning both. I don't have a comparison today because I am wearing this, but I will put one up soon.

This is two coats in these pictures, but you can absolutely just do one coat and get away with it. I also almost never use topcoat with the original Alchemy, so I didn't use it here. It is really easy to apply and has all the sparkle of a glitter without the texture and difficult removal.

Get thee to to purchase this puppy ASAP before it is out of stock!!

Are you gearing up for New Year's Eve? Any big night out plans? I am boring and never do anything on NYE. The bf and I usually watch movies and eat tons of food!

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