February 26, 2015

Wintry Wonderland Stamping with Born Pretty Store Plates!

*sent for review*

One of my 2015 blog resolutions is to try to get better at stamping. This means I have to try to do it more often. Typically, when I do stamp, I do it once, get super frustrated, and then don't try it again for months. Practice makes perfect with nail art, so I need to try more often! I recently got some new stamping plates from Born Pretty Store,  as well as a new stamper (review coming soon), so this seemed like the perfect time to start. I went with a wintry wonderland theme, since it is snowing (again) today.

*purchased by me*

I used two plates, one with an arctic theme- penguins, snowy mountains, an Eskimo girl, igloo, etc. and one with a variety of snowflakes, with China Glaze Frostbite as my base and Konad white polish for stamping. The penguin on my ring finger is missing his tail and the penguin on my pinky was a bit large for that nail (I misjudged!), but otherwise the images made it onto my nails. I need to work on making them be more crisp and not blurry for sure. My mountains are like impressionist mountains LOL. I think it would help if I were a more patient person... :/

If you are more talented at stamping than I am and like cute penguins and wintry designs, I definitely encourage you to check these plates out. The arctic theme plate with penguins is available here at Born Pretty Store for $.99 and the snowflake plate is $2.99 and is available here at Born Pretty Store.


Ananka said...

Great stamping. Those plates look so cute :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Ananka, I love the plates! I want to use the cute polar bear next!