February 19, 2015

Zoya Spring 2015 Delight Collection Swatches!!

*sent for review*

Only 29 days to go until spring here! This is the time of year in New England when we all start counting the days til warmer weather arrives and we can walk out of our homes without a down parka, gloves, scarf, snow boots, and sometimes 2 pairs of pants. Fortunately for me, I got a little taste of spring today when I swatched the Zoya Delight collection! This "delightful" collection of three cremes and three metallic shimmers is like a warm breeze on the first real spring day. I started off with Zoya Lillian, a soft pale blue creme. Lillian has some touches of green undertones to it, so it's not a straight baby blue. It's nice and pastel and always in fashion for spring! Zoya describes Lillian as a "faded aquamarine".

This is three coats of Lillian. It was nicely opaque in two coats, so no problems there, but I found it a little streak-prone. I did the third coat to even it out, but I still had some streaking. I may not have waited for the coats to dry fully and that always helps with these pale pastel cremes.

Zoya Leslie is a pastel orchid lavender with a beautiful blue-green shimmer. That shimmer really sets Leslie apart from other pinky lavender polishes. It was really hard to capture the turquoise color of the shimmer on camera, but you can see it in person in brighter lighting. In dim lighting, it looks like shimmer, but you don't catch the beautiful blue-green hue.

This is just two coats of Leslie. It was pretty sheer after the first coat, so I was pleasantly surprised when the second coat made it fully opaque. The formula was great and easy to apply!

Zoya Daisy is a beautiful lemon yellow with the same eye-catching turquoise shimmer that is in Leslie. This is so pretty! I love yellow polish and I don't think I own anything quite like Daisy. Like Leslie, the shimmer is more obviously turquoise in person, but it's not super obvious. It's not like a duochrome type shimmer, more like a soft wash. Zoya calls Daisy a "refreshing lemon merengue yellow with a turquoise metallic flash". Their descriptions very often make me hungry LOL!

This is three coats of Daisy. It was pretty opaque and not streaky in two coats, but I felt the third brought out the shimmer more. The shimmer in this really helps it apply smoothly and effortlessly. Great formula!

Zoya Eden is your perfect reliable pink creme for spring. Zoya aptly describes it as "classic spring flower pink". It's the kind of good old standby flattering bright pink (but not neon) that will always be in style for spring and summer.

This is two super easy coats. I think this is maybe one of Zoya's best cremes lately, it practically applied itself!

I have been looking for a polish like Zoya Tiana for a couple of spring seasons now. It seems to me that many mint cremes lean too blue. I have been looking for more of a pale green spearmint creme and it looks like I've found it! Tiana is a very pastel green creme with more of a yellowy undertone than blue. It's kind of stark and mod looking and I love that! Zoya calls it a "palette-cleansing pistachio gelato green". Yum, now I want pistachio gelato! I think that palette-cleansing feeling comes from the starkness of this polish. I am so looking forward to wearing this beauty when the weather gets a little warmer!

This is three coats of Tiana. It was opaque in two, but I did the third to smooth it out a bit. I didn't have a huge problem with streaking, but I did wait until each coat was fully dry before applying the next one. Polishes that are this pastel very often have a tendency to streak a little.

The lovely Zoya Rayne is a clear sky blue with the pretty blue-green shimmer found in Leslie and Daisy. I am really glad Zoya did a blue with this turquoise shimmer, it really is something special in person! You would think the color of the shimmer would get lost in the already blue polish, but it doesn't, it pops out nicely. This polish makes me want to go swimming and have picnics and run through the sprinkler (all bad ideas right now, as the high temp today is 20 degrees!).

This is three coats of Rayne. It was easy to apply and pretty much opaque in two coats, but I thought the shimmer popped more with the addition of a third coat.

*sent for review*

Overall, I think Zoya knocked this one out of the park. All six of these are perfect colors for spring and some are very unique, even in my large collection! My two top favorites are Daisy and Tiana, but I wouldn't want to give up Rayne either. I will definitely be using some of these in a future post with some nail art because they are just too pretty to only show you once. Plus, maybe if I keep wearing them, spring will magically appear in Connecticut!

The Zoya Delight collection is available now at zoya.com.


Ananka said...

I really love the shimmery ones - wow! :-D

Never Enough Nails said...

Me too Ananka! They are gorgeous and that turquoise shimmer is amazing!