February 24, 2015

Pretending It's Spring with 3 Lynnderella Manis!

*Sent for review*

I know you've all heard me complain about the cold weather recently, so I'm not going to do that again. I'm just going to get in a warm state of mind with these beautiful Lynnderella polishes! I can not believe that I didn't own Lynnderella Sweet Bunny Blue Eyes until now! What was I thinking? Sweet Bunny Blue Eyes is a mix of baby blue, aqua, and slightly darker blue glitters and hot pink glitters in a clear base. The base is also packed with teeny blue and hot pink glitters. I am wearing this right now and am so in love with it! Definitely a new favorite Lynn, and so good for spring!

This is one super easy coat of Sweet Bunny Blue Eyes over Barielle Rain in Spain. They are a great pair! Sweet Bunny Blue Eyes is very easy to apply, it just flows effortlessly and goes right where you want it to. Lovely! Sweet Bunny Blue Eyes is a core polish, but I believe it's been discontinued quite recently, so hop on over to lynnderella.com quickly to get it before it's gone!

Lynnderella Seven Swans Swimming is another core polish that I had surprisingly never tried until now! Seven Swans Swimming is an ethereal mix of pastel matte pink, blue, silver, and white glitters in a translucent milkyish shimmered base. Some of the shapes include stars, moons, circles and teeny silver holo stars. The shimmer in this one is magical!

This is one coat of Seven Swans Swimming over Zoya Lillian. I did dab it on, due to the large glitters, and I also moved the larger pieces around a bit until they were arranged the way I wanted them. You don't have to fish around for these glitters, they were readily available!

 Lynnderella Spot the Dot! is a limited edition release chock full of awesome stuff! Awesome #1- cheetah spot glitters! Awesome #2- rainbow iridescent flakies! Awesome #3- My favorite circle glitters in black! Awesome #4- Gorgeous shimmer in the base! The flakies were hard to capture because I didn't have a ton of light to work with, but man they are more prominent, gorgeous and rainbow-y in person!

 You can definitely see the flakies in this shot below, love them!

This is two coats of Spot the Dot! over China Glaze Wanderlust. This was fairly easy to apply, I tried on the first coat to just mostly get the shimmer and flakies to spread out evenly and then I added more large circles and the cheetah spots on the second coat. I can't wait to try this over a really bright neon in the summer!

*sent for review*

All three of these polishes make me so happy! The winter is kind of beating me down lately, so I needed this blast of springy pretties! All three of these are available right now at lynnderella.com, including Spot the Dot! up for auction, ending Thursday night. Seven Swans Swimming and Sweet Bunny Blue Eyes are also available on http://lynnderella.storenvy.com/, if you prefer buying there. Check out lynnderella.lynnderella.blogspot.com for more info and new collections!


Ananka said...

These glitters are amazing :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

I love them Ananka! They were all fun to wear!