February 21, 2015

CrowsToes Heartshaped Box of Horse S*#t!

 *purchased by me*

I wore my Valentine's Day mani of SinfulColors GoGo Girl and Love Sprinkles for several days last week. It wore like iron and I was too busy to remove it, so it stayed on maybe a bit longer than I had intended. When I finally took it off, I needed an anti-Valentine's mani for a few days LOL. CrowsToes Heartshaped Box of Horse S*#t! is from the ValenCrows 2013 collection. It was kind of a funny anti-Valentine's collection, with other great names like "Umm, No... He Went to the Pawn Shop". Heartshaped Box of Horse S*#t! is a mix of copper hex glitters and chocolate brown squares, with a nice smattering of smaller red and fuchsia glitters in a clear base.

This is two coats of Heartshaped Box of Horse S*#t! over Zoya Louise. I am really into wearing things matte right now, so I topped it with the OPI Matte Top Coat. The glitter was nice and easy to apply. It had a great consistency too, not too thick or gloopy.

Although the ValenCrows collection is from two years ago, a couple of the polishes are still available on www.llarowe.com, including Heartshaped Box of Horse S*#t!.


Ananka said...

It's an interesting polish and looks good. I like the mix of glitters :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

I always like coppery glitters, so I definitely like this a lot too!