March 1, 2015

OPI Hawaii Spring/Summer 2015 Swatches- Hawaiian Sunset!

*Sent for review*

The OPI Hawaii collection for Spring/Summer 2015 is exactly what I need in my life right now. It really makes me think of a trip to the beautiful islands of Hawaii, a trip I'd like to take immediately. For this collection, I'm going to do a little something different. I'm going to post them a couple at a time and include a fun look with each post. Today I picked three of the colors that remind me of a Hawaiian sunset. OPI Go With the Lava Flow is a juicy blood orange with golden shimmer. This fiery red orange beauty gets a nice kick from the gold in the shimmering base. You can see the gold mostly in brighter lights, although you can see the shimmer even in dim lighting.

This is two coats of Go With the Lava Flow. It was very easy to apply and nicely opaque. The consistency is pretty perfect. I especially can't wait to wear this on my toes on an 85 degree day!

OPI Aloha From OPI is a bright red coral creme. This is a standard summer color, but I can never get enough of them! This particular version leans on the redder side of coral, but still has hints of orange and pink.

This is two coats of Aloha from OPI. It was pretty easy to apply. The consistency was good, maybe a tad thicker than some cremes, but not in a bad way.

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked? is a yellow-toned peach creme. It's a brighter peach, not so much pastel, but it's definitely a peach that leans yellow, not pink. My camera seemed to be a little confused by this one. I think my last picture is the most accurate. The first one is a little too bright, the one below is a little too pastel and dusty.

This is three coats of Is Mai Tai Crooked?. It had good pigmentation and was fairly even in two coats. I did a third coat to just smooth out an area or two, but you may find that two coats is perfect.

When I put Aloha from OPI and Is Mai Tai Crooked? next to each other, I instantly thought of a sunset, so I had to do a gradient. This looked much better blended in person, the sponge marks are so much less obvious. I feel like that's the case a lot of times with sponged gradients, they end up looking splotchy in pictures. I really love this in person, I've gotten loads of compliments on it!

Ahhhh, this makes you think of beaches and warmth, doesn't it?

*Sent for review*

The OPI Hawaii collection is available now at Ulta,, and fine salons.


Ananka said...

Nice collection. I love the first one! That shimmer :-D

Never Enough Nails said...

The gold shimmer in that one is gorgeous, isn't it Ananka? Love!!