March 3, 2014

Zoya Awaken Collection Spring 2014, part 2!

 *sent for review*

It was FREEZING when I took these pictures. Dear Polar Vortex, no one wants you here anymore! Luckily, these spring colors helped me remember that spring will probably come to CT this year. Probably. Let's start off with Zoya Cole, an orange-y peach creme. Zoya describes this as "full-coverage peach whisper cream". Peach whisper sounds cooler than my description!

This wasn't my favorite formula in this collection. I didn't find it to be quite as pigmented as I would have liked, this is four thin coats on every nail except the index. That is two thin coats, plus a blobbed on third coat (accidentally blobbed on, I should say). The first two coats were streaky, and you can see some of that remaining, although it did smooth out a lot. This also took longer to dry than Zoyas usually do for me. This was originally released for fashion designer Peter Som's spring/summer 2014 Collection under the name "Stella".

I do like Cole a lot when it's topped with Monet! This is really pretty!

Next we get back to to lovely metallic shimmers with Zoya Rebel. I really enjoy Zoya's metallic shimmer formula and the highly visible silver shimmer. Zoya calls this one a "blue sky metallic" and that description is fitting and perfect! Like that first perfect warm day when the sky is clear and so incredibly blue.

Rebel had the same fantastic formula as the other two metallic shimmers in the collection. So easy to use and generously pigmented. This is two coats. The shimmer makes this just glide on.

Zoya Dot is a pale whitened pink creme. This was originally released for the fashion designer Zang Toi's spring/summer 2014 collection. It is pretty typical of what you tend to see on spring runways, so that makes sense.

I wasn't crazy about this formula either. Zoya says it's a 4 out of 5 in terms of opacity, but this is three coats and I still see a lot of VNL. I also thought it was hard to get a streak free finish. I am generally not a huge fan of sheerer pale pinks, so other people may enjoy this more than I do.

 I do, however, quite enjoy Dot topped with Monet! I think this was my favorite of the Monet combos I did, the pale background really let Monet reflect all sorts of different colors. Monet is cool in the respect, it picks up colors from the polish it's layered over and also from the area around you. I can see it becoming a favorite topper of mine! It applied pretty well, the base is a little bit gloopy, so I tried to wipe a lot of it off. This is one coat of Monet over Dot.

*sent for review*

My standout favorites from the Zoya Awaken collection are Rebel and Dillon for sure (check out my first post for swatches if you missed it). Zoya Monet is also a big hit with me and I'll be trying it out over a lot of different colors, so you'll see it again soon. Do you have your eye on any of these?

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NailCentric said...

I wish the special effect top coat would have worked better with these colors... They are generally pretty.