March 1, 2014

Zoya Awaken Collection Spring 2014, Part 1!

 *sent for review*

I really look forward to the Zoya spring collection every year. It seems to be the most "spring-y" feeling of any brand's spring offering. They always choose light and fresh colors that I haven't worn all winter and suddenly feel like wearing, even if they aren't my normal style. The Zoya Awaken collection is no different and I was excited to start swatching it today. Zoya Hudson is a gorgeous medium purple with lots of sparkling silver shimmer. I love this kind of silver shimmer, where you can see all of the shimmer particles. Hudson feels very much like spring, but it's more saturated than a pastel so it's good anyone who isn't feeling the typical pastel fare.

This is two coats. Hudson is nicely pigmented and had a great, easy to apply formula. I had no trouble getting the polish very close to the cuticles without making a mess.

The next picture shows Hudson topped with Zoya Monet, the iridescent cellophane glitter topper that Zoya released alongside the Awaken collection. Monet has a clear base filled with hexagonal glitter pieces that reflect lots of different colors, making it a great topper for any base color.

Zoya Brooklyn is either a very pale gold or a very washed out yellow shimmering metallic. Zoya calls it a "white-gold shimmer metallic", but to me, white gold is always silver. This is decidedly from the yellow/gold family, it's just a very pale version. I love gold and yellow polish, so I am loving this spring version!

This is three coats of Brooklyn. It has great pigmentation and a lovely formula. You could most likely do just two coats if you do thicker coats. This could possibly get some visible brushstrokes, so try to do a maximum of three brush strokes per nail when applying.

Zoya Dillon is like a spring mermaid in a bottle! LOVE this! Dillon is a minty seafoam green with the same silver shimmer that is in Hudson. I love mint greens, but I feel like a lot of them are either cremes or have very subtle shimmer, so I'm excited to see one with SHIMMER!

Dillon was lovely to work with, no problems to report. This is three coats, again you might be able to do two.

*sent for review*

So far I am loving the Zoya Awaken collection! I'll have the other three, plus more looks at Zoya Monet soon! The Zoya Awaken collection is available now at


Janice M said...

Such pretty colours for spring, can't wait!

Never Enough Nails said...

Which ones are you getting Janice? They are so spring-y!