March 5, 2014

A Fun Spring French with Zoya Awaken Polishes!

*sent for review*

I do not typically do French manis of any sort, but I really liked the way the Zoya Awaken colors looked sitting next to each other and wanted to use some of them together. While trying to think of how to put them together in a mani that wasn't skittles or polka dots, I saw a mani like this on Essie's Facebook with Essie spring colors. I don't have Essie spring (yet) so I put this into action with Zoya spring instead! I used Zoya Brooklyn for the base and Hudson and Dillon for the tips.

This kind of French tip is relatively easy to freehand, so give it a try if you haven't already. You can, of course, use just one color for the tips if this seems like too many colors for you. I realized afterwards that these are kind of like lighter, more pastel Mardi Gras colors- gold, purple, and green!

 Then, just because I can, I had to try Zoya Monet on top of this. I feel like Monet pushed this looked a little bit too far over the edge here. I should have stuck to the look without added extra colors and sparkle LOL. Now it reminds me of a carnival!

*sent for review*

Are you doing any nail art with the Zoya Awaken collection? I want to do some more, but I am stuck on dots and want to do something else that isn't dots (although Cole with Dillon, Hudson, and Rebel dots is reaaalllly tempting)! Any ideas?

The Zoya Awaken collection is available now at

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