March 26, 2014

Lynnderella Spam, Vol. VI

*Purchased by me*

Well... I'm so behind on my Lynnderella spam that all of these manis are for holidays that are long gone now. I want to share them anyway in case you see something you want to pick up and save for next year! First up is a gorgeous polish that isn't specific to any holiday really, but was part of the Advent collection of LEs this past Christmas. Lynnderella My Old Twin Flame is an absolutely stunning periwinkle with a strong pink shift. The pink shift is visible in my pictures, but it is much stronger in person. This is three coats of My Old Twin Flame with no undies. DROOL!

Lynnderella All Heart is half of the Valentine's Day twinset. I really bought the twinset for the other half, a purple microglitter called Heart Spoken, but ended up loving All Heart! It comes with an extra little package of glitter too! I think the pink base I used is OPI Pink Friday and the red is OPI Big Apple Red.

Another Valentine's Day mani, Lynnderella Nail Bed of Roses. Nail Bed of Roses was a special edition polish that sold out SO fast. It's a stunning red holo microglitter. I also used Lynnderella Snake of the Year on the middle and ring nails. This is three coats of Nail Bed of Roses with no undies.

This was my St. Patrick's Day mani! Another special edition microglitter, but gorgeous green holo this time! Lynnderella Paddy Whack! is way prettier than my pictures depict. There was NO sunshine to be found the day I took these, so you can't see all the holo sparkles. Accent nail is A England St. George. This is three coats of Paddy Whack! with no undies. I love these microglitters Lynn is doing right now!

*Purchased by me*

Now that I have all of these holiday Lynns posted, I'll try to be a little more seasonal with my Lynnderella spam next time LOL! Lynnderella polishes are available at lynnderella.comGlitter Connect and Norway Nails.

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