March 13, 2014

Smitten Polish Blue Footed Booby Dance

*purchased by me*

I'm a little late getting Smitten Polish Blue Footed Booby Dance, it's been out for awhile. But I've had it on my wishlist forever because A. awesome blue holo and B. it's named after the mating dance of the ADORABLE blue footed booby. Blue Footed Booby Dance is a bright turquoise blue linear holo. If you haven't ever seen them, here's a picture of two blue footed boobies from Smitten Polish's Big Cartel site, aren't they so cute? She says the males do this dance to show off their cute blue feet to the females.

Image of Blue Footed Booby Dance

I used three thin coats of Blue Footed Booby Dance and found it to be lovely to apply. My camera had some difficulty capturing the real holo-ness of this one, it is more holo than it appears here, although slightly less so than Smitten Electric Lime.

Smitten Polish is available at her Big Cartel store and restock info is always announced on her Facebook page.

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