May 13, 2010

Make-up of the Week: MAC Superglass

MAC Superglass in Cherry Electric

We're adding a new weekly feature here on Never Enough Nails- Make-up of the Week. I know this is a nail blog, but quite frankly, EK and I both buy so much make-up, I kind of feel like it would be a crime not to show you at least one item a week! The make-up featured in "Make-up of the Week" will always be make-up that you can easily find in stores. I hate reading about awesome products and then finding out that they were super limited and all sold out or aren't made anymore, etc.

This week's Make-up of the Week product is MAC Superglass in Cherry Electric. Superglass is a new lip product from MAC that contains more glitter than any of their previous lip glosses (including Dazzleglass!). Aside from the normal-sized glitter, these glosses also have big flakes of glitter, like flakie nail polish! If you don't like glitter in your lip gloss, I'll understand if you want to stop reading this post. But for glitter fanatics like me, I LOVE THIS LIP GLOSS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

MAC Superglass in Cherry Electric

I picked up Superglass in Cherry Electric. Cherry Electric is the perfect light red-pink color on me. I have very fair skin, so the light hue works very nicely. I love the way the gold flakies in the gloss add a hint of coral color in certain lights. The color of the gloss is closer to the picture of the tube, not the picture on my hand. The hand picture looks too cool-toned and pink.

A lot of people were concerned about these glosses having a gritty texture due to the amount of glitter. I have to say that the gloss isn't as smooth as a lip glass, but I don't think the grit is any more than the grit in a Dazzleglass. It doesn't bother me personally, but I don't rub my lips together constantly. Overall, if you are a glitter lover, I think you need at least one of these!

MAC Superglass is available online at MAC Cosmetics or at a MAC location near you (find a MAC counter near you on MAC

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