May 14, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Fall 2010 Collection Preview!

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Display

WOW do I have a treat for you today!!!! I have preview pictures and information about the Fall 2010 China Glaze collection- Vintage Vixen.

Here's what China Glaze has to say about the collection-
"For Fall 2010, the China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection captures the vivid and saturated hues of the 1940's with this seductively complex palette. These classic shades of the season recreate the timeless tableau of movie land mystique, perfect red pouts and steamy nights where swing was the scene!

Cat's Meow

Step out with these multi-faceted jewel tones, rich reds, titillating taupes and smoldering sands. This collection delivers high octane 40's glamour with a sophisticated edge! The 12 colors in this collection include:
  • Riveter Rouge- Deep red shimmer
  • Foxy- Burgundy frost with shimmer
  • Goin' My Way- Brown frost with copper shimmer
  • Classic Camel- Khaki creme with gold micro glitter
  • Swing Baby- Taupe frost with silver micro glitter
  • Ingrid- "Greige" creme with copper micro glitter
  • Hey Doll- Deep rose frost with shimmer
  • Bogie- Plum frost with shimmer
  • First Class Ticket- Deep purple frost with shimmer
  • Midnight Mission- Navy blue frost with silver micro glitter
  • Emerald Fitzgerald- Turquoise green frost with shimmer
  • Jitterbug- Grey chrome with silver micro glitter"

Hotsy Totsy

The Vintage Vixen collection should start shipping June 6th internationally and July 6th domestically.

Personally, I'm thrilled because THIS COLLECTION DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY PLAIN CREMES!!!!!! So already, it's looking more promising than half of the collections so far this year. Every single color here has glitter or shimmer. I am most interested in Emerald Fitzgerald (duh), Jitterbug, Bogie, and surprisingly, Ingrid and Classic Camel. Greige with copper glitter? Sweet!! I have holding off getting any greige colors because they kind of bore me when they're cremes, but this collection has three taupe-y colors with glitter and shimmer! I'm excited because I feel like this isn't the same kind of stuff that we tend to see over and over again. Sign me up for all 12 polishes.

China Glaze is available at your local Sally Beauty Supply or online at Transdesign.

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