May 2, 2010

Fun with Drugstore Polish Part Two!!!

SinfulColors Frenzy, four coats, sunlight

First up in the continuation of Fun with Drugstore polish is SinfulColors Frenzy. Frenzy is multi-colored glitter in a clear base. The glitter is purple, pale blue, maybe some silver thrown in there, etc., with the dominant color being purple. This is not the most opaque glitter polish ever, but I am really loving it!!! This is four coats and you can still see through the glitter, but it's super pretty! In the pictures, you can't really see the baby blue glitter, but it's a really nice touch in person. If you can't stand seeing your nail through the glitter, this would be fantastic over pale pink or purple. I would say this is a Must Have for me, but maybe not for someone who isn't a glitter fanatic.

SinfulColors Frenzy, four coats, with flash

L'Oreal Water's Edge, three coats, sunlight

Next up is L'Oreal Water's Edge. This polish fits in with many of the releases this spring- it's a pale blue-green creme. I only own one other L'Oreal polish, I generally don't buy them due to the reasons we discussed the other day (animal testing). The formula on this one was only so-so. It was hard to prevent streaking with this polish. I let the polish dry in between coats, but it still ended up pretty uneven looking (check out my third and fourth nail there in the picture), although that did improve with the application of top coat. This is three coats. I wouldn't call this one a Must Have, as the application wasn't amazing, nor is the color truly unique. However, it is a pretty color for spring, and if you don't own anything like it, this is a cheaper option than some other releases.

L'Oreal Water's Edge, three coats, shade

SinfulColors Green Ocean, three coats over two coats Color Club Dark Romance, sunlight

SinfulColors Green Ocean, three coats over two coats Color Club Dark Romance, with flash

Last, but definitely not least, I managed to locate a bottle of SinfulColors Green Ocean hiding out in Walgreens!!! Green Ocean was released in early March, or maybe even late February, I think as part of a St. Patrick's Day collection. I couldn't find it back then, but MAN, am I glad I found it now!!! Green Ocean is a translucent green jelly filled with beautiful iridescent flakies. I layered it over Color Club Dark Romance (from the Halloween mini set) to really show off the flakies. These pictures don't even capture the iridescence though. This looks 10x prettier in real life!!! I love this SO much I am actually going to go back to that Walgreens today to try to pick up another one. This is absolutely a MUST HAVE!!!!!

SinfulColors Green Ocean, three coats over two coats Color Club Dark Romance, sunlight

L'Oreal Water's Edge is available at your local Rite Aid. SinfulColors polishes are available at your local Walgreens.


Michelle said...

I loooove the glitters!

Never Enough Nails said...

Gorgeous, aren't they??!! And only $1.99! Wooooo!

Unknown said...

Love this post and I am still looking for Green Ocean, I have never seen it in the store, I may just have to order it from Cherry Culture

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Jackie! I found mine by total accident. It was on a bottom shelf, kind of hidden away! I haven't had a chance to go back and get another one, but if I can grab a few, I'll give them away here!

Anonymous said...

Wow the Walgreens in Providence has tons of that green polish! I still saw a whole display there today.
That L'Oreal Waters Edge is a dupe of Essie's Greenport.

Never Enough Nails said...

Weird how some drugstores get lots of some things and others get almost none!!
I knew Water's Edge was going to be a dupe of something. It's too popular of a color lately, you know?