May 1, 2010

Fun With Drugstore Polish Part One!!!

The other day I went in search of the elusive Sally Hansen by Tracy Reese polishes (especially Hidden Treasure). I went to Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, and also wandered into Target, even though I knew Target wouldn't have them. I didn't find ANY SH by Tracy Reese gems, but I did find myself six other spring/summer treats to show you! This is going to be a two-part post, just for lack of time today. This week has been crazy, more on that later.

Let's start out with my two favorites, both from the Revlon Summer collection. The Revlon summer polishes are scented when dry, although the scent lessens when you apply topcoat and seems to fade away completely after a few hours. Let me just preface these two polishes by saying that I have NEVER met a Revlon polish that I didn't like. They have a fantastic selection of on-trend colors and the formula is always fantastic, as good or better than some China Glazes and OPIs. Revlon has had duochromes and such for years, and they do a great job with offering interesting edgy colors along with more traditional colors. Oh, and we're finally starting to have some good weather, so these pictures are taken in sunlight or shade, no flash involved! They come out so much more accurate this way!

Revlon Ocean Breeze, two coats, sunlight

Revlon Ocean Breeze, two coats, sunlight

Revlon Ocean Breeze is GORGEOUS!!! I have been wearing it since I did these pictures. It is opaque and even in two coats and the application was a dream. Revlon polishes are a little thin, but I actually prefer thin polishes. That way they don't goop all over your nail like The Blob. Ocean Breeze is a beautiful blue-green shimmer (not quite a metallic) with a slight duochrome effect. I couldn't get the duochrome to show up in pictures, as it is very slight. But it's really pretty when you catch that gold-green flash! Ocean Breeze is a Must Have!!!

Revlon Ocean Breeze, two coats, shade

Revlon Orange Pop, three coats, sunlight

Next up is Revlon Orange Pop. This is another shimmer, yet not quite metallic, winner with a slight gold-pink duochrome (again not so visible in pictures). This is a really unique orange color. It's orange, but it definitely has a strong dose of red. Sometimes you see a lot of pink, so that it looks almost coral, other times the red stands out more. I would have named this "Fire" or something like that LOL. The formula is like Ocean Breeze- flawless application, a little thin, but easy to work with! I did three coats with this one, but you can definitely get by with two. Three looked better on camera though. I own many orange polishes, but none of them are like this beauty. This is definitely another Must Have!

Revlon Orange Pop, three coats, shade

Nicole by OPI Lemon Lime Twist, three coats, sunlight

The display at Target said that Nicole by OPI Lemon Lime Twist is a Target exclusive, but I feel like I've seen it elsewhere too. With my love of weird yellow-green colors, I snapped this up right away! Lemon Lime Twist is a yellow shimmer with a hint of green. This is three coats, and there was a little bit of VNL, not too much though. There's not a whole lot of lime going on in this polish, in most lights it looks more like a yellow shimmer. I definitely like this polish and I'll wear it a bunch, but I'm not going to call it a Must Have. If you like colors like this, it's a pretty good formula with no real problems, and I don't have any dupes for it.

Nicole by OPI Lemon Lime Twist, three coats, sunlight

Stay tuned for Part Two of Fun with Drugstore Polish coming tomorrow! Part Two will feature a gorgeous SinfulColors glitter bomb!!!

Revlon polishes can be purchased at your local Walgreens. Nicole by OPI can be purchased at your local Target.


Anonymous said...

I like Revlon, too. The formula and application and drying times are all good and consistent. The stores near me don't seem to carry the great new colors though. The Ocean Breeze and Orange Pop are gorgeous. Oh but the Big Lots! store has old Revlon polishes 2 for $2 and even the funky old polishes are still good. And fun. -JenB

Never Enough Nails said...

I always forget how much I really like Revlon until I use one! I don't think I have a Big Lots! store near me, but if I pass one, I'll definitely check out their supply of Revlon polish!!! Thanks for the tip!

Dainty Darling Digits said...

Maybe I picked up the wrong Revlon's from this collection but I was so disappointed with the ones I grabbed. I got Gum Drop and Grape Icy and they both needed 5 coats and then refused to dry- bah! Gum Drop was so pretty but...not worth it.

Never Enough Nails said...

l0verlada- I passed on those two because they reminded me of polishes I already have. That's disappointing to hear though!! I had no troubles with these two!

Margo said...

Wow, I'm really liking Ocean Breeze. Usually, I steer clear of Revlons in the drugstores because I find their bottles to be so unseemly, but this color is so lovely. I think for this type of blue, a sheer formula is perfect.

Never Enough Nails said...

Ping- the bottles are a bit unattractive, but I have found some real gems from Revlon, including these two!

Karen said...

You should try Wal-Mart for SH Hidden Treasure. The store by me was fully stocked!

Never Enough Nails said...

Ooooh thanks Karen!!! I definitely will!! If I can't find it, I think I'm going to order Nubar 2010. I hear it's very very similar.