May 30, 2010

Let The Rhythm Take You Over (Orly) Bailamos!

Orly Bailamos, three coats, with flash

In high school, my friends and I LOVED Enrique Iglesias's songs Bailamos and Escape. We even had a little dance we did to Escape. So I really bought Orly Bailamos from Orly's Viva Summer 2010 collection just for the name.

Orly Bailamos, three coats, with flash

Boy, am I glad I did!!! This turquoise shimmer is totally unique in my collection and is really eye-catching. Unfortunately, my pictures make it look too blue. The bit of green is what makes this polish different from a lot of the blue polishes out there. It's definitely what I would call teal or turquoise, not just blue. I took pictures with flash to show the shimmer. I also took one kind of dark and blurry picture to show you that it's not as light as it appears in the flash pictures either. The dark picture is closer to the actual color, although it still looks too blue.

Orly Bailamos, three coats, no flash

This has a not quite duochrome look to it. It's like a secret green/gold flash that you catch a glimpse of every now and then. It's also really bright and electric looking, the perfect summer color. I can already tell I'll be wearing this ALL the time. Orly Bailamos is a MUST HAVE for me this summer.

Orly Bailamos is avaiable online at Transdesign.


Unknown said...

Its a nice, bright turquoise shimmer, I like it on your hands. :)

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Jackie! I can imagine this looking fabulous on a wide variety of skintones!