April 28, 2010

Non-Polish: tokidoki at Sephora!!!

So this is only loosely related to nails, but I had to post it anyway. Sephora is launching a tokidoki line in May!!! I know there are loads of tokidoki fanatics out there. I don't happen to be one, but I am a make-up and Sephora fanatic, so you can bet I like the looks of this collection LOL.

Here's what Sephora has to say about the tokidoki line:

"The line combines the imaginative playfulness of the tokidoki universe with the highest quality, color-rich formulations. Pop pigment shades for eyes, lips and face come together alongside professional tools and accessories, all inspired by Simone’s cast of characters, like the milk stealing Moofia and the sweet and prickly SANDy. Don’t let the cuteness of these characters fool you; this color collection impresses the most experienced makeup aficionados. With immaculate attention to detail such as artist approved chisel tip applicators, indigenous Japanese and Italian ingredients and professionally milled powder formulations, every aspect of the line brings together art, color and performance for an unforgettable experience."

As of right now, the nail products in the launch of this line are:
"For Nails:
· Galleria Nail Files ($10) – Sculpt nails with files inspired by skateboard decks featuring iconic tokidoki characters. Available in 6 styles, 3 files to a deck.
· SANDy Nail File & Cactus Pup Buffers ($5-8) – SANDy will shape your nails, the Pups will buff, all so cute with such a pretty payoff. Easily attached to any keychain for instant access."

So no polish yet, but we can hope, right???


Unknown said...

Woo Hoo! I love Tokidoki!!!!

Never Enough Nails said...

It looks like a fun collection! I'm excited!! I like the way that bronzer looks!