June 8, 2016

OPI Disney Alice Through the Looking Glass Swatches!!

 *Sent for review*

I'm excited to show you these swatches today- OPI's Brights collection for 2016 was inspired by Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass! With inspiration like that, you know there are some fun shades in here! Let's kick it off with OPI Oh My Majesty!, a glowing soft white with tons of beautiful golden pink shimmer. For possibly the first time ever in my blogging days, a white polish is my favorite in the collection!! This is so stunning in person, it looks like the inside of a seashell. The white is a nice natural white, not too stark, and the shimmer is a great mix of gold and pink, like a sunset.

Now for the great news- this is only two coats!!! If you like a bit of VNL, this is perfect in two coats. If you prefer complete coverage, three coats will do it. It's pretty nice and even too. The formula was really nice, the shimmer made it apply very smoothly.

OPI I'm Gown for Anything is a dainty pale lavender creme. I love super pale shades like this when they are completely opaque, which this is! It leans heavily on the pink side, so not a true lavender. It's like a creamy off white, with bits of pink, lavender and grey too.

This is two coats, yay for full coverage! It is a tad streaky when I look up close, but not too noticeable. The first coat was quite streaky, but I did a thicker second coat and it evened it out a bit. It might actually be better to do three really thin coats to eliminate any streaks.

OPI The I's Have It is a pale, yet kind of bright blue. I love that OPI has been giving us so many blues this year!! Russian Navy is the polish that actually got me started on serious polish collecting, so I have a soft spot for OPI blues. The I's Have It is different from the other blues we've seen this season though. It's not as pale as some of them, but it's not a jewel-toned or cobalt blue either. It's kind of like a pastel that got a little more pigment packed in there. OPI calls it a "powder blue", but I think it's a little closer to cornflower actually.

This is three thin coats. This one had some streaks that I just couldn't even out. It was opaque in two coats, but I added the third in hopes of eradicating the streaks, but no luck. From arm's length though, it still looks great, so I would definitely wear it!

OK so now we go from light airy shades to this burgundy wine creme, OPI What's the Hatter with You?. This is a great red-purple with enough of a berry feel to work well in the spring. This one will look fantastic on pretty much every skin tone, very flattering!

This is two easy coats. The formula was lovely and applied really well. OPI always knows how to knock these kinds of colors out of the park.

Another blue, thanks OPI!!! OPI Fearlessly Alice is a bright cerulean creme. I'm sure I've said this before on the blog, but cerulean was always my favorite Crayola crayon color! I will have comparisons up soon of some of the different blues so far this year, but again, this one is different. It's much brighter and more vibrant!

This is two thin coats. It seemed to me that it applied well, but I see I have some streaking on my middle nail. I may have put the second coat on a little too quickly. Now, I also have to warn you that this stained my cuticle of my index finger after only about 10 minutes on my nails. You definitely have to remove this by quickly swiping the cotton ball straight down the nail, no rubbing! When I removed it that way, the rest of the nails were fine. However, given the short time this was on my nails, I would double up on base coat when wearing this.

OPI A Mirror Escape is a gold shimmer with white and silver glitter. I like the concept here, but I'm not sure it really works for me. The glitter ends up being rough looking and the gold is a little sheer.

This is three thin coats and I still have VNL. The glitter also tends to get a little clumped together, so you have to try to spread it out. It was fairly smooth with a thick top coat though, not too rough feeling.

OPI Having a Big Head Day is a hot cinnamon red creme. It's a great bright classic red, the kind that will look good many years from now on many skin tones.

This is two flawless coats, lovely buttery formula!

This bright fuchsia pink creme is OPI Mad for Madness Sake. A blue-toned pink that will be great for summer pedis, Mad for Madness Sake is sure to be a hit in the salons (along with Having a Big Head Day).

Two easy coats again, great formula!

OPI What Time Isn't It? is a special edition polish that comes packaged in this neat box and costs a bit more than the standard OPI polishes. OPI describes it as a matte black with slivers of silver. I actually see it as a shiny gray creme with silver bar glitter. The bar glitters are the nicer tiny ones, so they lay pretty flat and look better than the larger ones. If you are a fan of bar glitter, you will enjoy this polish.

This is two coats of What Time Isn't It? and it applied well. The bar glitter spread out easily enough and the gray was opaque and even. These swatches do not have top coat and it is fully dry, so you can see that it didn't dry matte on me personally.

*Sent for review*

The most unique stand out in this collection for me is Oh My Majesty!. The shimmer is really just majestic! My other top picks are I'm Gown for Anything! and The I's Have It. 

The OPI Disney Alice Through the Looking Glass collection is available now at professional salons, as well as Beauty Brands, beautybrands.com, Chatters, Dillard’s, Regis, ULTA and ulta.com

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