June 21, 2016

OPI Retro Summer 2016 Swatches!

*Sent for review*

Summer is officially here and I am loving it!! The weather here has been lovely lately, warm, but not muggy and gross. Not too hot, not raining all the time, it's like it's not even Connecticut! So to celebrate summer's arrival, I have the OPI Retro Summer collection for you today, starting with OPI Sailing & Nail-ing. Sailing & Nail-ing is a light blue creme. It's a little darker than a pastel, but not quite a bright blue either. 

This was three thin coats. I did still have some streaks on the ring nail here. Several of the polishes in this collection had the tendency to be streaky, which I thought was strange since OPI's pastels have been fantastic recently.

OPI What's the Double Scoop? is a light rose creme. It makes me think of strawberry milkshakes or ice cream, yummmmmmm! This is a great pastel pink that isn't too stark looking or the opposite- too dusty looking.

This is three thin coats and the coverage was nice and even. No streaking problems with this one, so that's great news!

OPI Flip Flops & Crop Tops is a brighter hot pink creme. It's a classic bubblegum pink and should flatter a lot of skin tones. The sun was really bright when I swatched these, so I had to step into the shade to get an accurate photo of this one (and some others in the post), sorry if they are a bit darker than normal!

This is three thin coats and I had some streaking again. This is definitely unusual, because OPI usually knocks this kind of color out of the park.

I am so glad to see OPI do more yellows lately, like OPI Towel Me About It. Towel Me About It is a lemon pudding creme. It's nicely lemon-y, but with a touch of whipped cream (I must be hungry right now!). I am a big fan of this shade of yellow. I think it is a good pale yellow that is still bright enough for summer.

Three thin coats again. It was a bit streaky on the first two coats, but evened out on the third.

OPI I'm Getting a Tan-gerine is a dusty clementine orange creme. I am typically a huge orange fan, but I think this is maybe too dusty for my taste. Definitely an interesting shade though, so if you like dusty oranges, go for it!

This is three thin coats again. First two had some streaks, third evened it all out for me.

OPI SPF XXX is probably my favorite shade in the collection, although I'm sure I own many similar to it! SPF XXX is a dusty orange-coral creme. This is my favorite color family to wear in the summer, so it's a natural love for me!

This was two buttery, easy, awesome coats! Best formula is the collection. Below you can see that the red tones of the coral really come out in the shade/low lighting.

The OPI Retro Summer collection is available now at fine salons and Ulta.com.

I am working on a serious stash organization project right now and part of that includes swatching all of my polishes on swatch sticks. Eventually, this will make it easy for me to show you comparisons. I do have a few swatched already and will have some spring/summer comparisons to show you soon!

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