April 12, 2016

Mermaid Scales with Blue-Eyed Girl Mermaid Tails & Drunken Sails

 *Purchased by me*

In the hopes the someday warmth might come to my area, I did a sort of summer-y mermaid tail mani today!! Nail vinyls are my new obsession and these mermaid tail scale vinyls are from What's Up Nails. To start, I used two coats of OPI Amazon... Amazon. When that was completely dry, I peeled my vinyls of the sheet and pressed them down over my nails. I then dabbed on a good layer of Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Mermaid Tails & Drunken Sails and peeled each vinyl off while the polish was still wet. Tadaaaaa- mermaid tail nails!!

Now, it's a travesty that there was no sun for me to really capture the true holo goodness of Mermaid Tails & Drunken Sails. This beauty was a Hella Holo Customs exclusive for February 2016, and it is a stunning green holo with tons of pink shimmer and other goodies. I tried to capture the holo effect a little below, but I really need sunshine to show you properly!! If you are not a member of HHC on Facebook, I really suggest you get yourself in there ASAP! I have not been disappointed with the polishes each month since I joined back in the fall. This month's (made by Dreamland Lacquer and Sayuri) are STUNNING, so try to join before those go on sale in a week or so. To join, just email hellaholocustomercare@gmail.com.

Have you tried nail vinyls yet? I find them to be pretty easy to use and lots of fun! They provide great nail art options for those of us who stink at stamping!!

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