April 24, 2016

CrowsToes Mintally Unstable and Abracadabra

*Purchased by me*

Happy Sunday, hope you are having a great weekend! I wanted to show you my mani from most of last week- CrowsToes Mintally Unstable with an accent of CrowsToes Abracadabra. Both of these lovely polishes are Hella Holo Customs and I know I've mentioned it before, but if you aren't a member of the group on Facebook, you are really missing out!! Mintally Unstable is a stunning mint green holo with a very strong pink/gold contrasting shimmer. It was hard to capture the pink shimmer in photos, even though it is so strong in person, but I think you can kind of see it below.

Abracadabra is like an oil slick turned into a glitter polish. The magic of this one though is that it is so smooth and not like a rough glitter at all. It was even easy to remove! I'm not sure what kind of spell was used to create this, but it is worthy of the name Abracadabra! I used two coats of Mintally Unstable and three coats of Abracadabra here. Both were super easy to apply.

Full sun for holo goodness:

These two polishes are not for sale from the maker anymore, but I have seen a few people selling them in the Hella Holo Customs group. You can only purchase them if you are a member, so I strongly suggest you email hellaholocustomercare@gmail.com to join. By the way, the makers for this month are Dreamland Lacquer (formerly Smitten) and Sayuri and the polishes are GORGEOUS!!

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