August 18, 2014

OPI Ford Mustang Swatches!

*Sent for review*

OPI teamed up with Ford Mustang to bring us this collection, celebrating the Mustang's 50th anniversary. The Ford Mustang is such an American icon, so it's cool to see a tie-in with nail polish! OPI Race Red is a bright red-orange creme. I am always a fan of a good red-orange, they look much better on me personally than blue-based reds. Race Red is bright and eye-catching, but still very classic looking.

Race Red was easy to work with and applied flawlessly. This is two coats.

OPI 50 Years of Style is a light yellow gold metallic. It's a very pale, delicate looking gold, not too harsh or brassy looking. 

This is two coats of 50 Years of Style. I was impressed with it's pigmentation, as a lot of light gold metallics require three coats and still have VNL. You can see some visible brushstrokes in the pictures, but they weren't as apparent in person.

OPI Queen of the Road is a shimmering obsidian black metallic. This one is really cool, it definitely reminds me of black gems, all smoldering and smoky looking.

Queen of the Road felt a little thinner, formula-wise. I used three coats for these pictures. There are some visible brushstrokes with this polish, due to it's metallic nature, although they are less noticeable in person. They really don't bother me, but I know they drive some people bananas, so I do want to mention it.

OPI The Sky's My Limit is my favorite of this collection! The Sky's My Limit is a gorgeous blue metallic, almost foil finish, with tons of gold shimmer. The gold shimmer is a lot more apparent in person than it is in my pictures and it is awesome! I tried a lot of different lighting sources to capture the gold, but it wasn't happening. If you can see this polish in person, the gold is very visible in the bottle. It reminds me a little bit of Absolutely Alice in a completely smooth, non-glitter form.

The Sky's My Limit is not only stunning, but it applied like a dream. A beautiful golden blue dream. This is two coats.


I was pretty surprised by OPI Girls Love Ponies. It's the most perfect fuchsia creme I've ever tried. I'm not entirely sure what makes it stand out from the crowd, but as soon as I put it on, I thought "wow, this looks fantastic!". My mom saw it and said "Wow, that's really pretty!". It is a little bit on the blue-based side of pink and very saturated with pigment. It's bright, but not crazy electric. Girls Love Ponies really is just a top-notch fuchsia. I can't believe how much I like it, and you all know I'm not crazy over pinks.

To top off it's perfection, Girls Love Ponies applied like butter and only needed two coats. Love!

OPI Angel With a Leadfoot is a really nice fluffy cloud white creme. It's not a super stark white, like Alpine Snow, but it's not a soft eggshell either. It's pretty much a nice in-between of those two and I think it fills a gap in white cremes in the OPI line.

Angel With a Leadfoot was pretty easy to work with for a white creme. This is three coats, but I really didn't find the second coat to be that streaky. I think if I had been more careful, I could have done two coats. With a matte top coat in between coats, I'm sure it would be a two-coater. It has plenty of pigmentation. Overall, I like it a lot better than my old go-to white, OPI Alpine Snow.

*Sent for review*

When I first saw the preview pictures for this collection, I wasn't all that jazzed up about it, but I quickly started to change my mind upon swatching. My favorites from the collection are The Sky's My Limit and Girls Love Ponies, but you can't go wrong with the others if you're looking to add those colors to your collection.

The OPI Mustang Collection is available now at fine salons, Ulta and


Ananka said...

Nice collection! I really like The Sky's My Limit :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

That's my favorite too Ananka! Love it!