August 28, 2014

Zoya Entice Fall 2014 Swatches!

 *Sent for review*

Yayyyyy, I'm back!! I'm back with nubs, but I'm back! At least my nails are an even length now, and vaguely fit for blogging. I have so much awesome stuff to show you and I'm starting off with the Zoya Entice collection. Entice is a fantastic collection of rich fall colors, like burgundy, chocolate brown and berry. This collection of 6 nail polishes includes 5 cremes and one shimmer. First up, we have Zoya Claire, a warm burgundy creme. Claire is a mix of a little bit vampy, a little bit classic. This polish is a darkened crimson, but it's clearly deep red (even in low light) and I wouldn't call it blackened at all. It has maybe just a hint of brown tone in it as well.

This is two coats of Claire. The formula was a great consistency and I found it to be well-pigmented.

Brown seems to be taking the world by storm this fall. Zoya had three great brown cremes in the Naturel Deux collection and now Zoya Nyssa, a lovely milk chocolate brown creme. Nyssa is a really rich, warm brown. If you're wondering how it compares to Chanelle from the Naturel Deux collection, it is a deeper brown and more warm-toned, although not orange-y at all. Nyssa is really more of the kind of color you would see in a fall leaf pile, whereas Chanelle is more of a neutral nude polish (on the right skin tone of course).

This is two coats of Nyssa and again, the formula and pigmentation were excellent. Keep up the good work on your cremes Zoya!

Zoya Genevieve is a really gorgeous steel blue-grey polish with subtle shimmer. Zoya says it's a creme finish, but there is definitely shimmer. In full sunshine, it's very visible, but I could still see it indoors. I love this stormy, moody blue-grey! Genevieve is deep and smoky, but light enough that you can really appreciate the gorgeous color. (Apologies for the middle nail here, there was a top coat mishap that I couldn't see in person, but my camera really captured it, yikes!).

I used three coats of Genevieve for these pictures. The formula was good and it was nearly opaque in two coats. I thought the third coat made it pop more, but if you do thicker coats, you will probably find that two is just fine.

Zoya Margo is a red purple creme, a really pretty color to add to a fall collection. Margo is a bit hard to capture on camera, it was more purple in person. These pictures make it look more fuchsia. The picture on Zoya's website isn't right either, that looks like such a standard purple creme. Imagine a mix between my pictures and the ones on It's definitely a rich red plum color, not pink, but heavy on the red undertones. If you like red purples, you will love this one! I do!

This is two coats of Zoya Margo. The formula was excellent and two coats was the perfect level of opacity.

Ahhh!!!! I just freak out a little every time I see this one! Zoya Ryan is my favorite of the Entice collection! Zoya calls Ryan a "classic indigo" creme, but it's really the loveliest indigo creme I've ever seen. It's so smooth and rich, it looks like indigo velvet. I am still wearing summer polish (it's 87 degrees here today!), but Ryan is "enticing" me to wear some fall colors! I love that this is dark, but you can definitely see the blue in every lighting situation. Gorgeous!!

This is three coats of Ryan. Again, it was almost perfect in two coats, but I sometimes think the third coat just makes everything look even better. I tend to do thin coats though. The formula was good, maybe a hair on the thin side, but not problematic at all.

Zoya Veronica is a luxe feeling berry creme. I remember a few years ago in the fall, "berry" was a really hot color and I couldn't seem to find my perfect berry. Well, Veronica is definitely my perfect berry polish. It's a classic purple-toned medium red that will be flattering on a wide variety of skin tones. Zoya calls it a "brilliant red wine". I tend to think of wine as a bit darker, but this is maybe like a bright wine. Or a red wine stain on a white tablecloth. This will be a perfect fall polish for years to come, one of those that will never go out of style.

This is two coats of Veronica, great formula and pigmentation!

 *Sent for review*

I've been so excited about the Zoya Ignite collection (swatches soon!) that I kind of was ignoring the Entice collection. I'm never too excited about cremes, but after swatching these, I really can't wait to wear them! There isn't a bad one in the bunch and the colors really scream autumn to me. I typically wait until the first official day of fall to do a fall mani, but I'm not sure I can wait that long. My top picks in this collection are Ryan, Genevieve and Margot, but honestly, I wouldn't want to leave the others behind either!

The Zoya Entice collection is available now at


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Nice collection. I'm liking Margo and Ryan. Nice couple ;-)

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Margo and Ryan do make a lovely couple ;)