August 9, 2014

Zoya Naturel Deux Swatches!

 *Sent for review*

Today I have swatches of the fabulous Zoya Naturel Deux collection, a group of six polishes designed to expand Zoya's neutral wardrobe and to ease us into fall 2014! If you loved the Zoya Naturel collection, Naturel Deux is a deeper, smokier version, with all the same edgy neutral feel. The formula for five out of the six polishes was absolutely excellent. I think Zoya has improved their creme formula tremendously, not that it was bad before! I noticed the summer cremes were great and now these polishes are buttery smooth and so pigmented. I used two easy coats for all but Emilia, and I'll talk about that one when I get there.

This dusty mauve rose creme is Zoya Madeline. Madeline is a grayed out pink leaning purple. It's kind of a soft mix of colors, so you won't look at it and say "whoa, that's purple!" or anything, it's more neutral feeling than a straight pink or purple.

Zoya Aubrey might be my favorite of this collection. Aubrey is a rich eggplant creme. This one is a bit less neutral feeling and more of a red-violet than a taupe or grayish polish. It really screams fall to me and I really love it! Zoya always makes my favorite purples, and I think Aubrey might be my newest Zoya purple love.

With Zoya Marney, we get back into the brown-toned dustier look of the Naturel collection. Marney is a brown leaning deep plum creme. From a little ways away, it could easily be mistaken for a hot chocolate color, but up close, you can see the plum. If chocolate covered plums were a thing, this would be the matching polish!

By the way, that's no typo, my bottle says Zoya "Marney". The press release for this collection says "Marnie". I am never sure which spelling to use when this occurs!

Zoya Spencer is another version of that luxe camel creme shade that reminds me of a really nice camel colored wool coat. It makes me feel nice and cozy, like I want to burn a candle and snuggle in a blanket LOL. Spencer is a great neutral and could be someone's perfect nude, depending on skin tone. It's a lovely choice for a work-friendly fall (or anytime) mani.

Zoya Chanelle is a medium milk chocolate brown creme. Zoya describes it as "toasted almond"! I love that description, it sounds delicious. It's a bit more neutral in tone than my first picture suggests (it looks too warm there). The second two pictures are better. In direct sunlight, it kept photographing kinda orange-y and it really is nice and neutral-toned.

Zoya Emilia is a dark, cooler brown creme that Zoya tastily describes as "dark chocolate" (with these descriptions, I need to go eat dessert after this post!). Emilia is a gorgeous dark color for fall, I love it. This is probably my second favorite of the collection. It's very rich and sophisticated looking by itself, but I can also see it being an amazing base color for some gold glitter (I'm thinking Zoya Maria-Luisa!).

I did three coats of Emilia in these pictures. It's fairly well pigmented, but I found the formula to be thinner than the others and it seemed to want to flood my cuticles. In order to prevent the polish from pooling in my cuticles, I did thinner coats. You may find that this is a two-coater for you with no troubles though, as I said, it is still nicely pigmented.

 *Sent for review*

I enjoyed the first Zoya Naturel collection, but I think I love this second collection even more! The darker shades are more my style and I do love purples and chocolates in the fall and winter. My favorites are Aubrey, Emilia and Marney, but I like the other three a lot as well. They all look amazing next to each other and I can't wait to do some nail art with them!

The Zoya Naturel Deux collection is available now at and Ulta.


Ananka said...

Not a brown fan! But I do like Aubrey - it's very lovely :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

I guess brown is everywhere this fall Ananka. It's not my personal favorite either, I like colors!