August 13, 2014

Zoya Naturel 1 and Deux Skittles!

 *Sent for review*

When I first got the Zoya Naturel Deux collection, I had a burning desire to get out the first Naturel collection to see how they compare. Well let me just say, the two collections look AMAZING together. The shades are just dying to be used with each other! Naturel Deux is darker, so it provides some contrast to the lighter Naturel shades, but they have the same feel to them. For my first look with the two collections together, I decided I wanted to do purple skittles nails!

For this look, I used Zoya Brigitte on the thumb (from Naturel 1), Madeline on the index, Odette (also from 1) on the middle, Aubrey on the ring, and Marney on the pinkie. I did three coats of the two polishes from Naturel 1 and two coats of Madline, Aubrey and Marney (I do think Zoya's cream formula has improved so much!). I am calling this look skittles nails, rather than ombre, because Odette is a bit different in tone than the other shades. For a more true ombre look, you could use Zoya Rue (from Naturel 1), Brigitte, Madeline, Aubrey, and Marney. There are tons of combinations to be made from these two collections!

*Sent for review*

It's official- I love these skittle nails! I have decided to make it my first official fall mani whenever I'm ready for that (not yet). Both of the Naturel and Naturel Deux collections are available now on!


Cat said...

Hi Erin, I'm loving these Zoya Naturel shades on all the blogs, but I don't think I'll get any for myself. Dusty tones don't work well with my skin. Thanks for this comparison!

Ananka said...

These actually look quite nice together! :-)

Unknown said...
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Never Enough Nails said...

Hi Cat! You're welcome, I'm glad it helped you!

I thought they looked rather pretty together too Ananka!