July 19, 2014

New Lynnderella LE Cucumber Popsicle

 *Sent for review*

I'm really excited to show you the new Lynnderella Cucumber Popsicle in today's post! Cucumber Popsicle is a limited edition polish that's new and perfect for the summer months. What's more refreshing than a cucumber when it's hot out? A cucumber popsicle, of course! Cucumber Popsicle contains a few different sizes and types of small white glitter and very fine blue-green glitters in a heavily shimmered clear base. The blue shimmer in this polish is stunning! The mix of white with blue-green and blue shimmer is very summery feeling. It makes me think of picnics by a lake for some reason. I've swatched this over two completely different base colors for you today, one light and one dark. I'm showing the lighter base first, but make sure you scroll down for the dark one also, as it really shows off the shimmery base!

This is just one coat of Lynnderella Cucumber Popsicle over Zoya Tracie. Cucumber Popsicle is a breeze to apply. The glitter and shimmer was plentiful and I didn't need to place any of the glitters. Lynnderella recently started using a new style of brush in her lacquers. The brush is a bit wider than the old one and very nicely shaped. It's always been easy to apply her polishes, but I find it to be even easier now with the new brush shape.

And now for something completely different! Here is Cucumber Popsicle over Zoya Envy, a blackened ivy green creme. I wanted to show you Cucumber Popsicle over a dark color because I think you can really see how much shimmer there is over the dark base! The shimmering base with the white glitter makes this polish really unique.

This is also just one coat of Cucumber Popsicle over Zoya Envy. The picture below is a little out of focus, but I liked the way the shimmer looks here. Like a little galaxy on my nails! I think this polish will look amazing over a wide variety of base colors and give a totally different look depending on your choice of undies. It's a great polish for summer, but it's also really versatile year round.

*Sent for review*

Lynnderella Cucumber Popsicle and other Lynnderella lacquers are available on lynnderella.com and http://lynnderella.storenvy.com. For the latest updates and information about upcoming collections, check out http://lynnderella-lynnderella.blogspot.no.


Ananka said...

Wow this looks amazing. I love it :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

I love it so much Ananka! I'm super excited to try it over some other colors too!