July 26, 2014

New LE Lynnderella It's Par for the Course

*Sent for review*

This new LE polish from Lynnderella is genius! I am pretty easily excited by nail polish, but this one makes me giddy. Lynnderella It's Par for the Course contains fine grass green glitter, green and black bar glitter, yellow triangle glitter, and white circle glitter. The green glitters are like the grass on a golf course, the triangles are like little yellow tees and the white circles are perfect golf balls! I really marvel at Lynn's creativity. A golf-themed polish with golf balls and tees, I love it! I'm not really into golf, but I am into green polish and clever names, so this is a huge hit for me.

It's Par for the Course was easy to apply. The bar glitters were pretty cooperative as far as bar glitters go, they lay nice and flat. There is a enough glitter in here that you could probably wear it alone in 3-4 coats, but I did one coat over Revlon Posh. I did fish around a bit for a few of the yellow triangles and white circles. They don't come out with every dip of the brush, but they aren't too hard to fish out.
*Sent for review*

If you're a green polish lover or a fan of golf, this polish is a must have! It's probably my favorite green Lynnderella since Salad Days. I have a huge collection of green Lynnderellas, so that's saying something! It's Par for the Course and other Lynnderella lacquers can be purchased at lynnderella.com and the new Lynnderella Storenvy. For more information and updates about Lynnderella polish, check out the Lynnderella blog. Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway to win 6 Lynnderellas!


Ananka said...

Lol what an interesting idea! A golf themed polish. This is excellent and looks amazing! :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

Isn't that neat, Ananka? I'd never think of that myself, but it's so cute!