July 6, 2014

SinfulColors Real Teal

 *Sent for review*

By now, my US readers have probably all removed their red, white and blue Fourth of July manis and are wondering what to wear next. Something that is NOT red, white or blue. May I suggest a mermaid-y teal? Something like SinfulColors Real Teal, from the Silk + Satin Collection? Real Teal is a gorgeous blue-green matte shimmer. Matte shimmers are always so fascinating to me- it's shimmery! But it's matte! But the shimmer! They remind me of frosted glass. Please just look at the picture below and try to tell me you don't need this frosted mermaid tail polish in your life.

Real Teal is a bit on the sheer side. This is three heavier coats and I still felt like I could see some VNL. With the frosted matte look, the VNL doesn't bother me too much, but I still wish this was a tad more pigmented. It also didn't dry as quickly as I would expect, with it being matte. It's not a slow drier, just not that almost instant dry that mattes typically have. Those of you who don't like mattes so much can just top coat this with your regular quick dry top coat anyway! I'd imagine it will look stunning shiny also.

*Sent for review*

SinfulColors Real Teal is a gorgeous color and I love the matte shimmer finish. Despite it definitely needing 3-4 coats (depending on your application), it definitely has a permanent and loving home in my stash. Real Teal and the Silk + Satin collection should be available at a Walgreens near you now or very soon.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shade!

Ananka said...

Stunning! I thought I'd like this one ;-)

Never Enough Nails said...

It is really beautiful thebubblybrunette!
I love the matte shimmer finish Ananka. Just gorgeous!