July 23, 2014

Model's Own Beach Bag

 *Purchased by me*

The Model's Own Polish For Tans collection captured my attention right away. A collection of super bright neons in fun colors? Yes, please! Now I am similar in skin tone to Casper the Friendly Ghost, but I do still like to rock neon polish all summer long. Despite my lack of anything even resembling a tan, they still look nice on me. When I was in London back in April, I knew I had to hunt down some of the Polish For Tans collection, starting with Model's Own Beach Bag. Beach Bag is an awesome bright peach. It is just about midway between pink and orange, just a really gorgeous color. It's definitely bright, but I think I would say it's only semi-neon. It's not eye-searingly bright, just pretty bright.

Beach Bag did apply like a neon though. It needs three coats for sure to cover up the streaks and even then, you have to apply it pretty carefully. I love this color, but the application wasn't a breeze. I guess it probably goes with the neon peach territory, China Glaze Sun of a Peach is a PITA too. Beach Bag also bubbled a few times during application. When it dried, all but one bubble (you can see it on the middle nail) basically disappeared, but it was kind of annoying.

If you can get this fairly inexpensively like I did (Model's Own polishes happened to be buy 2 get 1 free at Superdrug when I was in London), I would say it's worth it. It is a lovely color and with three careful coats you should be OK. If you'll have to pay full price plus shipping to the US and you hate polishes that might end up a bit streaky, I would skip.


Ananka said...

Wow this looks so bright in the first photo! :-)

Anonymous said...
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Never Enough Nails said...

It is pretty bright Ananka. It's a great color!