July 9, 2014

SinfulColors Red Tired

 *Sent for review*

Today I have another polish from the SinfulColors Full Throttle summer collection. I am really loving these new SinfulColors shades, they come in great summer bright hues and fun finishes. SinfulColors Red Tired is a bright tomato red in a subtle texture finish. I love the classic color with the slight textured finish, it makes it stand out from the 90 other reds in my collection! This is a smooth-feeling texture with no sparkle and it definitely won't be the kind to catch on things or make stockings run. It's just a light texture to add interest.

Red Tired was easy to apply. I used three thin coats for these swatches. Two thin coats still had a peek of VNL, but it didn't look bad, so you may be fine with two coats.

*Sent for review*

The SinfulColors Full Throttle Collection will be available exclusively at Rite Aid in July and also at Walgreens in August.


Ananka said...

It's a nice red and the texture isn't too much! I do like it :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

Me too Ananka! I feel like I'm the only one, but I still love textures. I just like to slap them on when I have no time for a full, complicated mani.